[Solved] How to Get Pictures off A Broken Android Phone in 2020

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As a mobile phone owner, you may have stored many important photos including family, vacation and friends on your device. But if your phone is broken for some reasons, that would a big disaster. Most certainly, people tend to console themselves and accept the loss of thousands of memories. But, what if we say that you don’t have to bear any such loss anymore? In this article, you will learn how to get pictures off a broken phone with several ways. 

Way 1: If You Already Have A Backup of Your Photos - Recover from Backup Files

Keeping a backup of your important files and pictures is an amazing habit. It is definitely the perfect kind of contingency plan. So, all you need to do is actively recover photos from your back up.

If you are using a backup service, consider contacting your service provider and explain your situation. In such cases, you can generally expect the recovery on the same day or the latest in 48 hours.

Situation 1: If you keep your backup in the computer

If you keep your backup photos in a computer, they can be recovered the moment you need it by using Autoplay. Autoplay is a great feature on PC for recovering photos and files. You can use this way in situations like the screen is cracked. However, there are some requirements before using this method:

  • A working USB port is required to use the Autoplay feature.

  • The USB debugging option on your broken Android phone is enabled.

Here are the steps that you need to follow after you activate the USB debugging.

Step 1: Connect your broken phone with the PC using a USB cable.

Step 2: Next the Autoplay window will appear on your screen.

Step 3: Choose the option that says “Open folders to view files” or something similar.

Step 4: The next window will show all the pictures and files that you have saved on your broken phone. Now, all you need to do is copy the photos you need and paste it in a safe place on your PC.

use autoplay to recover pictures

Situation 2: If you keep your backup in Google Photos app

We all must have come across Google Backup very often, and it is indeed a very useful online platform. Its Google Photos app also works great when your device is extremely damaged and you need to get your pictures back. But, the limitations here are:

  • It only works when the backup and sync option is enabled before your phone got broken.

  • Using this way is time-consuming if you need to recover a large number of pictures.

If you have backuped and synced the photos to Google Photos before, that means all of the photos on your Android phone are saved on your Google account. That is easy now. Just sync all the photos from Google account to your new phone.

use google photos to recover pictures

Way 2: If You Haven’t Backup Your Photos from The Broken Android Phone - Use Android Data Recovery Tool

Things can get a little typical here, and extra efforts might be required from your side. When your Android device gets broken, and you don't back your photos before, the first question that pops up is, can you get pictures off a broken phone? The answer generally depends on the kind of damage done. However, in most cases, photos can be recovered from broken phones by using a recovery app.

There are way too Android recovery apps available online. But, if you are looking for something reliable, we highly recommend D-Back (Android). The best part is, even with little or no technical knowledge, you can recover photos in just a few minutes. It comes with various amusing advantages, and all of them are discussed below.



Why choose D-Back (Android)
  • The app helps you get all your pictures from the gallery and other applications as well. So, you can get pictures off broken Android phone with minimal hassle.

  • It allows you to retrieve the loss photos from internal memory or SD card.

  • You can completely rely on this application as the recovery success rate is pretty high.

  • Ease of use is yet another reason why it is a highly recommended application. You can follow the general instruction displayed on your screen, and voila, your photos and other files are back!

  • It is definitely not limited to pictures; you can use it to retrieve other data as well, like call logs, messages, etc.

Download Now

Steps to Recover Lost Pictures from A Broken Phone with D-Back (Android)

As we mentioned above, this data recovery app is very simple to use, even for those beginners. You can follow the steps below and get your photos back from your broken device.

Step 1: Install and launch D-Back (Android) on your computer. Then choose "Broken Android Phone Data Extraction" part, which is used for recovering data from those broken Android phones.

choose broken android data extraction to start

Step 2: Then you need to select the correct name and model of your Android phone, after that, the app will download the matching data package according to your device information. Next connect your broken phone to the computer and enter downloading mode by following the on-screen instructions.

connect android to pc

Step 3: Choose the "Gallery" option and click "Next", then the app will scan those photos on your broken Android. After scanning, you can preview those pictures listed and choose those you want and click the "Recover" button to get them back again.

choose files to recover

Important: All the recovered pictures can be exported and saved on your computer with various formats, including CSV, HTML and VCF. Now, copy and backup them!

Way 3: If You Have A New Phone That Works Properly - Recover by Removing SD Card

SD card is the memory chip you use to store your photos and files in your Android devices. Consider recovering data by this process when you are unable to turn your phone on. In such cases, all you need is a new phone that works properly.

Now, you must be wondering how can I get the pictures off my broken phone by removing the SD card? Here is how you will get it. You will need a needle tool to take off the SD card from your broken Android and put it inside another Android device. The other device should be perfectly working in order to solve your problems. You can get your pictures back by transferring them to your new phone.

remove sd card to recover pictures


For different situations, there are different ways to solve the problem. If you haven’t backup your photos before your phone got broken, that would be the worst case. But hey! Your precious memories can still be recovered easily with D-Back (Android). The app is more efficient and effective compared to other ways. Its benefits discussed above are convincing enough. Just download and install it on your PC and get your photos back again!

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By  Elvin Powell , to Undelete Android

Posted on Feb 18, 2020  ( Updated: Feb 19, 2020 )

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