[100% Work] How to Export WhatsApp Contacts from Android

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In the technological era today, WhatsApp is popular among people for daily communication more than the stock messenger. Not only does it allow you to chat, but pictures, videos, contacts, documents, and location can also be exchanged. With so much important data online, it’s likely that you’d want to have a copy of it saved somewhere safe with you. If you are one of the people who’ve been wondering how to export WhatsApp contacts, then this article will guide you through the ways you can learn how to export WhatsApp contacts to excel file and how to copy WhatsApp contacts.

Best 3 Ways on How to Export WhatsApp Contacts from Android:

Since the information stored on your Android device application may not always be available to you, it is always advisable that you keep a backup saved somewhere locally, which can be accessed in case you lose your phone or the data on your phone gets wiped/corrupted. Below are three different methods that can help you understand how to export WhatsApp contacts from your Android device.

Tip 1. Using WhatsApp web to export WhatsApp contacts

You may wonder "How can I save WhatsApp web contacts". Actually, WhatsApp allows the user to use its application on the computer on the Google Chrome browser, and turn on desktop notifications to receive notifications of conversations.  Using this option, you’ll be able to view your conversations on your local computer. One of the other benefits of this option is that you will be able to send any images from your computer, directly to the contact of your choice, or receive a picture and save it directly to your computer, without going through the sturdy process of having to transfer the file from your mobile via cable.

Step 1. Drag the following link of a bookmarklet on your Google Chrome’s toolbar.

Step 2. Once the bookmarklet is successfully added to your browser, go to the web version of WhatsApp from the same browser.

Step 3. Log in to the WhatsApp web by scanning the QR code on your phone.

Step 4. While you’re on the WhatsApp web tab, click on the browser’s Menu icon then click on “Bookmarks”. This will give you many options, from which you’d have to select “Save WhatsApp Contacts to computer”.

save whatsapp contacts to computerp

Step 5. Now a dialogue box will appear. Click on “Cancel” in order to obtain a list of your address book contacts. The details will then open up in a new webpage, which you may then copy and paste manually in a word document or as an HTML file.

click on cancel

         You will require a constant connection of your Android device as well as on your computer to the internet to use WhatsApp web.
         It's complex, and it requires technical knowledge to scrape off data from the website since every user does not have the info on the website layout basics.
         This method does not provide/save the details of the contact you did not have a conversation with.

If you could not understand the technicalities of this method, you may proceed to the next method explained in the article to export the WhatsApp contacts.

Tip 2. Using Export Contacts For WhatsApp app

This method introduces an application, available on the Google Play Store that can be used to answer the question: how to export WhatsApp contacts to excel from your Android phone.

Step 1. Launch the Play Store and install an application titled “Export Contacts for WhatsApp”.

Step 2. Once the application is downloaded on your mobile device, launch it. It will ask for permission to access your mobile’s contacts. Click “Allow”. Your contacts will then be scanned, filtering out the Whatapp contacts from your address book. You may then choose from any of the three options: Export contacts, View Contacts, Exported files. Click on “Export contacts” to export the files to your phone’s internal storage.

filter out whatsapp contacts

Step 3. A message dialogue box will be displayed, informing that you can export up to 100 contacts for free, or buy the Full version to export all contacts. Make the selection of your choice and proceed to the next step.

Step 4. You will then be asked to enter the file name of the contacts file. When you’ve entered the desired name, click on “Export”. An excel CSV file containing all the contacts and their respective contact numbers will be saved to the “WhatsApp Contact Export” folder, which can then be manually emailed to your account or transferred to any external device.

enter export file name

         Users are only allowed to export 100 contacts for free.
         You can't selectively export the contacts.

Tip 3. How to Export WhatsApp Contacts to PC Using D-Back Android

If none of the above methods worked for you then this is the final and most applicable method that you can apply for exporting contacts from your Android device. Introducing “iMyFone D-Back (Android)”- an Android data recovery and data extraction software. This program is quite easy to use with just a few simple steps. Unlike other recovery apps, it won't overwrite the current data on your Android device. iMyFone D-Back (Android) will help you retrieve all the lost WhatsApp contacts/data in a jiffy.



Main Features
  • Helps you extract not only the WhatsApp contacts directly from your Android device or from your Google backup.

  • Helps selectively export WhatsApp contacts per your needs.

  • It offers free preview function, you're able to view the recoverable contacts.

  • 100% safe to use, D-Back won't keep your personal data.

  • Exports WhatsApp contacts as CSV, HTML format per your needs.

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Here are a few steps you can follow to export WhatsApp contacts to computer as CSV:

Step 1. Download the software iMyFone D-Back (Android).

Step 2. Launch the software on your PC, and select the recovery mode of your choice.

android data recovery

Step 3. If you’ve chosen “Android Data Recovery”, you will be taken to the next page where you will be asked to enter details of the Android mobile from which data is to be extracted/recovered. Enter the appropriate details and click “Next”.

choose device information

Step 4. The application will start downloading the data package for your Android device automatically, given that your computer was already connected to the internet.

downloading data package

Step 5. Upon completion of the above steps, connect your Android phone to the PC using a cable, and follow the steps shown on the PC screen.

connect device to pc

Step 6. Once the device is put on the “Downloading” mode, you will be prompted to select the type of file you want to recover. Choose “WhatsApp” and click on “Next”.

choose file type

Step 7. A process of device analysis will start, which will scan your Android phone for the option chosen in the previous step - contacts in our case. The final result will be shown on your computer screen, from which you can make a selection of the files you want to recover and then click “Recover”. The WhatsApp contacts will be exported in CSV or HTML format (choose one per your needs).

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There are many methods available online that can be used to learn how to export WhatsApp contacts, but the best four methods have been explained in this article. Although each of the methods has its own limitations, you may use the one that best suits your needs, and you can easily comprehend and follow.

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By  Rosalin Tacita , to Undelete Android

Posted on Apr 09, 2020  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2021 )