Dr.Fone – Android Data Recovery Review, Pros and Cons

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Up until recent years, recovering text messages and other types of data stored on mobile phones were seen as a task for only professionals. Nowadays, the internet is full of different tools that an everyday regular computer user can use without any special skills. One tool, in particular, is Dr.Fone – Android Data Recovery, and a lot of people want to find more out about it before they set it up and attempt to recover their data. So, in this review, we'll be discussing Dr.Fone's Android recovery software and finding out if it's truly the best data recovery tool you can use.

Part 1. What Exactly is Dr.Fone (Android) – Does it Really Work for Android?

To start off, what exactly is Dr.Fone (Android), and is it actually effective at recovering files from an Android device? These are both good questions, and you'll want to know the answers to them before you use any data recovery software. Dr.Fone (Android) is a data recovery software tool designed by Wondershare, the tool lets you retrieve lost or deleted files, including text messages, contacts, photos, documents and other files that may have gone missing. To give you a better idea of what it is, here's a list of its main features.

  • It can be used to recover data in various situations.

  • Available for Windows computers (XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10).

  • Has a data recovery success rate of roughly 80%.

As you can tell, this is a pretty straightforward program that doesn't provide anything too impressive. Nonetheless, it's an Android data recovery program that works in some cases  (note that it has a slightly lower success rate than other recovery solutions).

         Very easy to understand the data recovery process and use.
         There is a counterpart available for recovering iOS data.
         It supports a wide range of Android devices (over 6000 device models).

         The data scanning process is very slow.
         Some recently released smartphones and tablets aren't supported.
         Some of the Dr.Fone features only work with rooted Android devices.
         Using the full version of Dr.Fone – Android Data Recovery requires an expensive license.

dr.fone for android data recovery app

Part 2. Possible Problems Occurring from Using Dr.Fone – Data Recovery (Android) to Recover Text Messages on Phone

The next part of our Dr.Fone deleted text messages Android data recovery review is going to focus on what problems might arise when you're using this software.

2.1 Is Dr.Fone for Android Free?

Is the software free? Yes and no.

Yes, there is a free version of Dr.Fone – Android Data Recovery available, but it is very limited, and you won't be able to use all of its features. To get limitless access, you'll need to buy a license which can be either of these:

1 Year License. Recover data from 1-5 Android devices, $39.95/year.

Lifetime License. Recover data from 1-5 Android devices, $49.95/lifetime.

1 Year Business License. Recover data from 6+ Android devices, starting from $63.92/year.

So, while you can use Dr.Fone for Android for free, you'll need to buy one of those licenses if you don't want to be bound by limitations.

2.2 Is Dr.Fone for Android Considered to be Safe?

Based on what we have found and what the creators of Dr.Fone for Android have reported, it is generally safe to use the tool.

It doesn't transmit any of the data across the internet, meaning that all of the data recovery processes are done locally from your computer. Furthermore, scanning results show that there aren't any viruses or malware embedded in the software.

For users who are sceptical and don't want to risk their data being compromised, some methods let you block specific programs from sending traffic through your firewall. You could also disconnect from Wi-Fi while using Dr.Fone for Android.

2.3 The Potential Bugs that Appear When Using Dr.Fone – Data Recovery (Android)

Next up, the bugs that users might experience when using the software. You won't definitely notice these bugs, but it's worth mentioning them since multiple users have reported them, and there's a good chance you'll notice them too.

The software is unstable and is prone to crashing or becoming unresponsive.

Because of crashing issues, there is a risk that data could be damaged if the software crashes.

It doesn't have a high success rate, and a large number of users report that data recovery was unsuccessful.

Some users claim that the free trial isn't free, and it requires a license to use.

Device scanning time can be very long, especially if there are lots of files on your device.

Sometimes the license key will not be accepted by the software.

Troubleshooting an error and finding out why it's happening isn't easy, and recovering data is an urgent process. If you experience these errors and don't know what to do, your best choice is to consider an alternative data recovery tool.

Part 3. Best Alternative Android SMS Recovery Software: iMyFone D-Back for Android (Can't Miss Out!)

Clearly, when it comes to using Dr.Fone (Android ) as a data recovery solution, you could run into some issues that prevent you from getting back your data. If you're interested in a different Android SMS recovery software then we'd recommend trying D-Back Android which offers some great features:



Features of D-Back Android
  • Recover Android data from thousands of smartphones and tablets.

  • Recover data such as photos, videos, music, texts, WhatsApp data, documents, and much more.

  • Capable of recovering deleted data or data lost from factory reset .

  • It Includes 2 different recovery modes depending on the situation.

  • Android data can be filtered and previewed before you recover it from the device.

  • It doesn't require the Android device to be rooted for data recovery.

Download Now

If you're interested in buying any of these plans to receive D-Back for Android, don't miss the 100% valid iMyFone D-Back Coupon code and get a discount on your purchase: 5ED-FQ1-KZU.

With all of the features that iMyFone D-Back for Android has to offer, you can be assured that the data recovery will be successful. To start recovering any Android data with D-Back Android, follow these steps:

Step #1 – Start by downloading iMyFone D-Back for Android and running the installation file.

Step #2 – When the installation is complete, launch the program and select "Android Data Recovery."

d-back for android data recovery

Step #3 – Next, choose the correct Device Name and Device Model for your device. Double-check these selections as they will be used to determine the right firmware to be used for the recovery.

D-Back for Android device information

Step #4 – After clicking "Next," wait until the firmware is downloaded.

D-Back for Android download data package

Step #5 – Connect your Android device using the respective USB cable and press "Next."

D-Back for Android select to scan

Step #6 – Choose the "Messages" file type as we are recovering SMS texts, and once you click "Next," a short scan will be run.

D-Back for Android select data to recover

Step #7 – After the scan is done, browse the texts that were found and select the ones you want to recover, before clicking "Recover" to extract the data to your computer.

recover video from D-Back for Android

As you can see, it's really easy to use and isn't overly technical, like other data recovery solutions are. Keep in mind that there is a free trial version you can use so that you can get a good idea of what this software comes with before making the purchase!

Part 4. Four Quick Comparisons Between Dr.Fone (Android) Vs. D-Back Android – Which One is Better for You?

Still unsure about whether you should use Dr.Fone deleted text messages Android recovery or iMyFone D-Back for Android? Here's a quick comparison table to show you how the two solutions size up.

Features and Metrics
Dr.Fone (Android)
All Android versions, all Android device
All Android versions, most Android devices
Technical Support
Free guides and one-on-one support are available

Free guides and basic support are available

Success Rate

The clear winner from this comparison is iMyFone D-Back for Android. It has wider compatibility, offers better technical support, has a higher success rate, and it's more affordable too!


Now that you have a better understanding of Dr.Fone for Android recovery, as well as now knowing about iMyFone D-Back for Android, you can choose the best tool to recover your Android data. We highlighted a lot of great things about using Dr.Fone's tool, but we also came across the downsides, which is why we'd highly recommend using D-Back Android instead. This is a much more reliable data recovery tool that can be used in various data loss situations with ease, and it is compatible with almost any data type too.

Download Now


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Posted on Jun 15, 2020  ( Updated: Jul 03, 2020 )