Unlock Your Phone Easily: SIM Network Unlock PIN[2020 Updated]

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The prices of smartphones get higher with every new release, but thanks to network carriers, people can purchase smartphones and pay back over time. These structured payment contracts are incredibly helpful for buyers on a budget as it eases up the payment for phone purchases.

However, on the occasion that you need to use a different carrier, either because you traveled, or for some other reason, you will need a SIM network unlock PIN to do this. If you purchase a phone on contract to pay monthly, the carrier locks your device to their network, so that you are forced to use their network and not jump ship to another carrier. If you suspect that your smartphone is experiencing this SIM network unlock PIN issue, then you are in luck – this post will cover all you must know about network unlock PIN.

Part 1: What is a SIM Network Unlock PIN?

Network unlock PIN is a secret unlock code you are required to enter on your smartphone when your contracted carrier locks the phone. Why would my phone need a SIM network unlock PIN? Reasons are either of the following:

  • Your phone is not registered on the network.

  • You rooted the phone, and therefore lost their contract cover.

  • You updated your device.

What to do when your phone needs a SIM network unlock PIN? Don’t worry, you will get the answer if you keep reading this article below.

Part 2: Fix “SIM Network Unlock PIN” Problem Using DoctorSIM

Now, you know all the basics about network unlock PIN, let’s get to the main part – how to fix the problem of “SIM Network Unlock PIN.” There are tons of tools and techniques available to help you fix this issue. However, carriers do not take this lightly, so you must be careful of the means you use in solving this. Here, we will show you how to fix SIM network unlock PIN using an excellent application called DoctorSIM.

Features of DoctorSIM

    PRICE: They offer a lowest price guarantee, meaning that if you find a network unlock PIN tool offering the same services as them for a lower price, they will refund you the difference.

    GLOBAL LEADER: The industry trusts them. This means a lot; you should always go with that industry leaders trust and use.

    SUPPORT: 24/7 technical support via AI, e-mail, or live chat.

    EASY TO USE: User-friendly application. All you need is an internet connection and an email address.

    SECURITY: DoctorSIM is legal and probably the safest tool for network unlocking phones. Their services are deployed using the SSL protocol.

Unlock Now

The usage of DoctorSIM is very straightforward, as they do all the work for you. You unlock your phone from your carrier by following these simple steps:

  1. Open www.doctorSIM.com on your web browser.

  2. Select or enter your phone’s brand.

  3. DoctorSIM will email you step-by-step instructions, as well as your SIM network unlock PIN.

  4. Follow the steps they send to you and enter the unlocking code on your network-locked mobile phone to unlock it.

DoctorSIM unlock

Part 3: Fix It by Contacting Network Carrier

Carriers normally have some requirements that you must meet before they can unlock your device from their contract. If you meet these requirements, they will give you a SIM network unlock PIN free of charge. Note that some carriers may charge you an early termination fee if you have not paid for your phone in full. Some of the requirements typically are:

  • You have used the phone for 3 to 6 months (some carriers demand more/less).

  • You must pay for your smartphone purchase in full.

Follow these steps below:

  1. Turn off your device.

  2. Insert the SIM card of the new carrier.

  3. Restart your phone.

  4. On booting, the phone will ask you for a SIM network unlock PIN. Enter the code you were given.

Bonus 1: How Do I Know If My Phone is Locked?

Before even attempting to find a SIM network unlock PIN, you should be sure that your carrier really locked your phone. Here is how to confirm this.

  1. Turn off your phone.

  2. Remove the SIM of the carrier with which you are contracted.

  3. Insert an activated SIM of another carrier.

  4. Boot your phone.

  5. If your phone asks you to enter a SIM network unlock PIN or an unlock code, your phone is locked.

Bonus 2: Powerful Tool for Unlocking Android Screen Lock & Google FRP Lock

If you have an Android device that is locked by PIN, passcode, pattern or fingerprint, then this tool should be your best choice. Now lets meet iMyFone LockWiper (Android) - a great unlock tool to help you remove the screen locks and Google FRP lock if you forgot your Google account and locked by it.



Features of iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

  • Remove any screen lock on Android device without password in just minutes.

  • Get rid of the Google account verification and remove the FRP lock with ease.

  • Give you total control of your Android device and enjoy all the functions.

  • Easy to use with simple interface and no skills need to use it for your device.

Try It Free

Be careful about what tools you use for retrieving a SIM network unlock PIN because if you input a wrong PIN, you will be totally locked out of your phone. We recommend DoctorSIM because of the features listed in this post; also, this tool is trusted by everyone and has perfect customer ratings on Google reviews, Trustpilot and Ekomi. After using any of the methods we talked about here, boot your phone. If after about one minute, you are not asked to enter a SIM network unlock PIN, then you can be rest assured that your phone has been unlocked.


By  Alan Mendes , to SIM Unlock

Posted on Jun 18, 2019  ( Updated: Jan 11, 2020 )

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