Screen Unlock

Simple and efficient solutions to remove Android screen lock without password.

[2020 Update] What to Do When Locked out of Android Phone

If your phone screen is bad, or you really forgot the password to your Android phone, there would be no way of unlocking the phone unless you try the techniques highlighted in this blog.

userBy Alan Mendes|Jan 17, 2020

[2020 Update] How to Unlock a Samsung Phone without the Code

There are many reasons that someone might forget, or not have access to, a phone code. This article will teach you how to unlock a Samsung phone without the code. 

userBy Alan Mendes|Jan 17, 2020

[2020 ]Forgot Android PIN? Unlock with The Best Solution Here

Here are the best solutions to help you in case you forgot Android Pin and to show you how to easily unlock your device.

userBy Alan Mendes|Jan 17, 2020

[2020 Update] I Forgot My Phone Password - What to Do Now?

Forgot android password is something that often happened among Android phone users. This article will establish different ways to gain access to your Android phone.

userBy Alan Mendes|Jan 17, 2020

[2020] The Best Way to Unlock Android Phone Without PIN

Android normally protect your device by demanding a PIN, pattern, or full password. What to do if I forgot the PIN? Can I unlock Android phone without PIN? Get answer here.

userBy Alan Mendes|Jan 17, 2020

2020 The Easiest Method to Reset PIN Android Here

If you've been locked out of your device and are looking for recovery, check here. This article will show three easiest-to-use methods to reset pin Android. 

userBy Alan Mendes|Jan 17, 2020

Most Recommended All-in-one Phone Unlock App in 2020

Looking for an all-in-one phone unlock app that works effectively in unlocking various types of phone lock? You've got one here!

userBy Mike Sangster|Jan 17, 2020

[2020] How to Bypass Samsung J3 Lock Screen without Password

Are you locked out of your Samsung Galaxy J3 phone? Learn 3 quick and easy solutions to bypass Samsung J3 lock screen in no time.

userBy Mike Sangster|Jan 17, 2020

[Solved] How to Unlock Sony Phone with 5 Easy Ways

Learning how to unlock a Sony phone can be challenging, but doing so in the right way will ensure that you always have access to your Sony devices.

userBy Alex Jafferson|Jan 17, 2020

Everything You Need to Know about Mi Unlock for Bootloader

Many popular mobile phone brands such as Xiaomi have enabled the Bootloader lock on their device. This article is a complete guide on the Mi Unlock software.

userBy Mike Sangster|Jan 16, 2020