Screen Unlock

Simple and efficient solutions to remove Android screen lock without password.

Top 2 Android Password Remover That You Won’t Miss

Are you tired of being locked out from your Android Device simply because you forgot your password? Not to worry because, in this article, we’re going to discuss the top three methods to unlock your Android device.

userBy James Vincent|Jun 24, 2020

Best Android Pattern Unlock Tool/Software for PC Download

This blog will discuss 5 different PC-based tools and software for unlocking Android pattern lock, and compare the tools to help you pick one that suits your need.

userBy Alan Mendes|Jun 24, 2020

Best Android Lock Remover For 2020

Just forgot the screen lock password, PIN or pattern? Don’t panic! Here is the best Android lock remover tool to get you back into your phone. Check it out!

userBy Josh Levine|Jun 24, 2020

How to Reset Android Phone When Locked? Solve It Now!

If you are looking for solutions on how to reset Android, you should carefully read through all the methods in this article on how to reset Android phone when locked.

userBy Alan Mendes|Apr 26, 2020

5 Proven Methods on How to Remove Password from Android Lock Screen

How to remove password from Android lock screen? Here are 5 easy options that you can try to disable that pesky lock screen and take back control of your phone!

userBy Alex Jafferson|Apr 21, 2020

How to Crack Android Pattern Lock without Any Software? Solve Now!

This post introduces several useful methods on how to crack android pattern lock without any software. Follow clear methods here to unlock your Android device now.

userBy Josh Levine|Apr 17, 2020

[2020] Everything You Need to Know about Fingerprint Lock Screen

Don’t know how to set up and remove Android fingerprint lock screen ? Is there any fingerprint lock screen app? Here is all you want to know.

userBy Alex Jafferson|Apr 17, 2020

[Solved] How to Unlock ZTE Phone without Gmail Easily

ZTE phones get locked after multiple wrong password attempts? Luckily, here are 4 easy ways to unlock ZTE phone without Gmail/Google account.

userBy Alan Mendes|Apr 15, 2020

[Solved] Samsung Pattern Unlock without Data Loss (No Password Required)

Want to know how to unlock Samsung phone pattern without data loss if you forgot pattern? Try the best ways to unlock pattern easily.

userBy James Vincent|Apr 15, 2020

[2020] Easy Solutions to Get Moto G7 Power Unlocked

In this blog, we discussed the easy ways to get Moto G7 Power unlocked. You will learn to remove screen locks and SIM lock from Motorola Android phones.

userBy Mike Sangster|Apr 13, 2020