Screen Unlock

Simple and efficient solutions to remove Android screen lock without password.

Top 4 Tricks on How to Factory Reset LG Phone [100% Work]

In this post you'll learn top 4 ways to factory reset your LG phone no matter you're locked out of your phone or your device runs slow.

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How to Unlock Android Phone with Google Account

Did you know how to unlock Android Phone with Google account? Learn effective and convenient ways on how to unlock your Android device.

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[2020] How to Reset Android Phone without Losing Data

In this blog we will introduce 5 key solutions on how to reset Android phone without losing data. The methods here are easy to follow and the steps are simple.

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[2020 Solved] How to Unlock S7 without Losing Data?

Get locked out of your Samsung Galaxy S7 and forget your password? Here's the best way to unlock S7 without losing data for you.

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How to Hard Reset Android Phone Using PC Software

Wondering how to hard reset android phone using PC software? This article recommends sifted program to hared reset Android phone and see the difference.

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How to Unlock Huawei Phone without Password [2020 Updated]

How to unlock Huawei if you forgot the password? We'll show you three methods to unlock Huawei phone without password!

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[2020] How to Unlock Android Tablet of All Models

Are you locked on your Android tablet and don't know the password? This blog will discuss four solutions to unlock all versions and models of Android tablets.

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[2020] Top 3 Bootloader Unlock APKs to Unlock Android Bootloader Easily

In this blog, we’ve discussed the top 3 Bootloader Unlock APKs. Our audience will learn how to unlock Android Bootloader and how to unlock screen locks easily.

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How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock without Factory Reset

Is it possible to unlock the Android pattern lock without factory reset? Yes, it’s possible, and this blog will tell how to unlock Android patter locks without factory reset.

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4 Ways to Unlock Android Phone from PC Successfully

If you forgot the passcode to your Android phone or you bought an Android smartphone with a locked screen, the tips in this article will help you to unlock it from PC.

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