[2020] A Comprehensive Guide on How to Unlock Phone Near Me

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Do you always travel, and want to use the cellular feature of your Android device anywhere?  Then you should consider unlocking it. Unlocking your device gives your unlimited freedom in using any network carrier service of your choice. Below this article are methods you can use to unlock your phone for unlimited network carrier usage.

However, what if you get locked out of your Android phone and unable to access it? The first thing you should do is unlocking the screen passcode.

How to Unlock Screen Passcode of Phone Near Me

1 Use iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

iMyFone LockWiper (Android) is the latest application that can help you to unlock a locked Android phone. It is an effortless way to get entrance to your locked device again. Encountering problems in unlocking an Android device is such a challenging situation, iMyFone LockWiper (Android) comes in handy then.



Features of iMyFone LockWiper (Android):

  • Helps you easily unlock Android screen lock without any PIN or passcode.

  • Unlocks 4-digit/6-digit password, PIN, pattern, Face ID, or Touch ID on locked Android phone in a few clicks.

  • Assists you get back into your disabled, locked, broken button and shattered Android screen.

  • No advanced tech knowledge required.

  • Support 6000 + Android devices, like Huawei, Samsung, Motorola, LG, etc.

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How to Unlock Phone Near Me with iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

Step 1: Download and run the iMyFone LockWiper (Android) desktop software. Select "Remove the Screen Lock" mode.

unlock screen passcode

Next, make sure your Android Device is connected to your PC, and the application will automatically acknowledge your Android Phone or tablet.

connect device via usb cable

Step 2: Ensure that all data presented on the screen about your device is correct. If so you can proceed to click the “Start unlock” button to proceed. You can correct it manually if the information is incorrect.

confirm device information

Next, after clicking on the “start unlock” button iMyFone LockWiper will load a distinct data unlocking package that is standard for your Android brand and OS.

prepare data package

Step 3: Start to Remove the Passcode.

When your Android device enters into recovery mode, continue with the directions displayed on your screen to conduct the unlocking process.

removing screen lock

Just in a few minutes, the screen lock passcode would be removed from your Android device.

removal completed


Please make sure that you've backed up frequently before unlocking with iMyFone LockWiper (Android). As all your data would be wiped out in the process.

2 Unlock Phone Near Me with Android Device Manager

Android developed this astonishing native tool to assist you in locating and remotely wiping your misplaced or stolen phone. We secure our phones with screen locks via passwords or patterns or fingerprints to support the security but what if you locked yourself out of the device and forgot the password? Don’t trouble yourself; all you need to do is allow Android Device Manager to unlock your Android device.

The precondition is that it requires to enable Android Device Manager on your phone (before locked yourself out of it, or before you lost it). Android Device Manager gets your phone unlocked in a short period of time, saving you out of all the problems.

The steps are quite simple:

  1. Upon any PC log on to www.google.com/android/devicemanager and sign in with the corresponding Google account.

  2. sign in google account

  3. A record of all the devices attached to the Google account will be presented. Ensure you pick the right one u need to unlock and tap the “Lock” option.

  4. click on lock

  5. Enter a temporary password that will be utilized to unlock your phone, then click on “Lock" once more.

  6. lock again

  7. A password field will be presented on your Android phone screen, Type in the password so your Android device can be unlocked.

  8. Navigate to your device lock screen setting options and disable the temporary password option.

You are all finished, momentarily you have seen how easy the Android Device Manager unlocks your phone.

Limitation of the Method: Works only for Android 4.4 and above.

How to SIM Unlock Phone Near Me

1 Contact Network Provider

Call your carrier and inquire regarding their unlock policy. Some carriers will unlock your phone after a specific time has passed or if your contract with them has expired. If your agreement is still inactive, they may want you to meet an immediate termination payment to unlock the phone. You may be capable of receiving an unlock quickly if you explain that you want an unlocked phone to use abroad for business.

Steps to unlock the phone by contacting your network carrier:

  • Contact the carrier you intend to switch to. Several carriers are comfortable to unlock a phone if you are coming from one of their competitors.

  • Call the carrier that you desire to change to and see if you can pull out a deal in which they unlock your phone.

Note: Be sure the carrier you are turning to uses the corresponding network type that your phone supports. The two main network models are GSM (AT&T and T-Mobile) and CDMA (Sprint and Verizon).

2 SIM Unlock Phone Near Me Manually

There are many easy answers over the web. Most of the time, those methods are either confusing to use or have a moderate degree of success when compared to the paid methods. In case you are unaware, you can unlock your mobile device manually.

Follow these steps to start and complete this process successfully:

  • Begin the service list by entering the code *#197328640# on the mobile device dialer.

  • enter the code

  • Open the maintenance list on the device by hitting "UMTS".

  • Click on the choice "DEBUG SCREEN" which will enable you to open the Debug menu.

  • open debug menu

  • Tap on the "PHONE CONTROL" to adjust the settings of the phone.

  • phone control


  • After thirty seconds, tap the menu to open, and select “Back”.

  • Tap "NW LOCK NV DATA INITIALLIZ" then reboot the phone after one minute and insert the SIM card.

Your phone network must be successfully unlocked and you can use another network service now.

3 Free SIM Unlock Phone Near Me by App - Device SIM Unlock

Device SIM unlock is a SIM unlock software developed to SIM unlock an Android phone. This SIM Unlock software supports all Android models, including Alcatel, Song, HTC, LG phone and so much more. You can download the application on your device using the Google Play Store. Honestly, it is the simplest method to operate SIM Unlock you can have ever.

sim unlock app


These are significant solutions that can be used to unlock Android device for the use of other networks or carriers. In case one fails, you can attempt a different one, and you will finally find the most efficient method to unlock a phone near you.

If you accidentally can’t access your Android phone, iMyFone LockWiper (Android) must be the first choice to help you unlock your device. It is capable of bypassing various kinds of screen locks including PIN, pattern, password, fingerprint and face lock, etc.

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Posted on May 07, 2019  ( Updated: Jan 11, 2020 )

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