Will “Screen Lock Bypass Pro” Successfully Unlock Any Phone?

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Maybe you haven’t used one of your Android devices for a while now. After picking the device from where you had stored it, you may realize that you cannot recall its password. Maybe you just purchased a secondhand Samsung device at half the market price. After reaching home, you may realize that the device still has a screen lock.

If you are in one of the above situations, you will want a way to bypass the screen lock. Online, numerous screen lock bypass tools are available. One of the tools is known as screen lock bypass pro. In this article, we will show you how screen lock bypass pro works and whether it will work for you. We will also show you a much better screen lock bypass pro alternative.

The Veritable Review of Screen Lock Bypass Pro

Just like its name suggests, screen lock bypass pro is a tool that claims to help Android device users unlock their screen without the Patten, PIN, or Passcode used to lock the device. To access screen lock bypass pro’s full features, you need to make a payment.

Screen lock bypass pro works by helping you bypass the Android device screen lock. If the bypass succeeds, you will have the ability to reset your PIN, Pattern, or Passcode. The tool does not require its users to root or factory reset the device.

So How to Use Screen Lock Bypass Pro:

Step 1: Connect the locked device to the internet.
Step 2: Using the Google account used on the locked Android device, log into the Android marketplace on your computer. To access the marketplace, visit https://play.google.com on the computer browser.
Step 3: Search screen lock bypass pro on the Play Store. After locating it, install it on your locked device remotely. All you will need to do is click the Install button. If you had logged in using the Google account used on the locked device, the app should be installed on your locked phone.

Screen Lock Bypass Pro

Step 4: After the installation is complete, plug the charger into the locked device. This will activate the screen lock bypass pro. An Activate button should appear on the locked device screen. Tap the button.

Screen Lock Bypass Pro

Step 5: Next click Remove Lock Password. The device should be unlocked.

Screen Lock Bypass Pro

The Cons of Using Screen Lock Bypass Pro

While some of the reviews available online indicate that screen lock bypass pro has worked for some of its users, there is no guarantee that the tool will work for you.

You need to know the Google credentials used on the locked device. If you purchased the phone/tablet as a secondhand device, you may not know the credentials.

If your Android device was locked using a custom screen lock, screen lock bypass pro won’t be able to unlock it.

The application requires the locked device to be connected to the internet. This may prove to be impossible.

The tool may not support fingerprint and face unlock.

Perfect Alternative to Screen Lock Bypass Pro

The above screen lock bypass pro cons suggest there is a very high likelihood the tool may not work for you. There is, however, a much better tool that guarantees you over 98% success rate. The tool is known as iMyFone LockWiper (Android). Unlike screen lock bypass pro, Lockwiper supports over 6000 Android device models. It supports devices running on Android 2.3 to Android 9.0. The tool unlocks both Android phones and Android tablets.

LockWiper is both quick and easy to use. It will remove the screen lock in less than 5 minutes. You do not need any technical knowledge to use the tool.


12,000,000+ Downloads

Why LockWiper Is Your Better Choice

  • Completely remove screen locks from any Android device without password

  • Various screen locks are supported to unlock: password, PIN, pattern, fingerprint, face recognition and other custom locks

  • No internet connection on your phone is required; you just need to connect your phone to PC

  • Support various Android devices and provide specific fix for each device model

  • Remove a screen lock set using either the device settings or custom screen lock applications

Download Now

Simple Steps to Bypass Screen Locks from Any Android Device:

Step 1: After installing LockWiper, launch it and then click Start.

LockWiper start

Step 2: Connect your Android phone or tablet to the computer using a USB cable. LockWiper should load your device’s information automatically. If the information is not correct, select the correct information manually. Next, click Start Unlock.

LockWiper unlock

Step 3: LockWiper will take a couple of seconds to download the device’s data package. Then just follow the instructions to start the unlocking process. Finally, wait while LockWiper removes the device’s screen lock.

LockWiper download

Sum Up:

On the internet, you will come across a large number of Android screen lock removal solutions. While most of the solutions will appear promising, very few solutions will actually work. In this article, we have looked at 2 screen lock removal solutions. There is no guarantee that screen lock bypass pro can help you bypass your Android screen lock.

After being tested on more than 6000 Android phones and tablets, LockWiper proved to have a 98%+ success rate. This indicates that there is a very high likelihood that LockWiper (Android) can work for your Android device.


By  James Vincent , to Screen Unlock

Posted on Apr 19, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )