[Solved] How to Unlock ZTE Phone Pattern: Top 3 Solutions

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I accidentally broke my ZTE screen and now I am unable to put the pattern and unlock it. I was looking for an effective solution to unlock ZTE phone pattern without losing my data.

Is this situation familiar? If yes, then read this article to find the most effective method to unlock ZTE phone pattern.

Part 1. How to Unlock ZTE Phone Pattern without Passcode

You can easily unlock ZTE phone pattern without passcode with the help of iMyFone LockWiper Android lock screen removal . This tool is designed specifically for the unlocking of Android phones. The software is compatible with all Android devices. It requires no technical knowledge to unlock ZTE phone pattern.



Features of iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

  • Unlock ZTE phone pattern in no time.

  • Also upport to unlock various security measures such as PIN, passcode, password, finger, and face lock.

  • Compatible with ZTE phones with normal screen or broken creen.

  • No technical knowledge required to unlock ZTE phone pattern.

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Step to Unlock ZTE phone pattern With iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

You can unlock ZTE phone pattern by following these steps:

Step 1. Install iMyFone LockWiper (Android) on your PC and launch it. Choose the "Remove Screen Lock" option and click on the "Start" button to proceed.

Connect Android phone to iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

Step 2. Link your ZTE phone with your Computer via USB port. It will mechanically load your mobile's information. If you find the information incorrect, correct it manually, and click on the "Start to Unlock" button.

Verify Motorola device model

Step 3. After some time, it will start downloading the data package for your ZTE device. Continue with the process.

Download data package to Motorola device

Step 4. Keep following on-screen instructions to unlock ZTE pattern lock without a pattern. Finally, the pattern lock will be clear and you can regain access to your ZTE device.

Successfully unlock Motorola lock screen

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Part 2. How to Unlock ZTE Phone Pattern with Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager can also be used to remove ZTE phone pattern lock. People use ADM in various situations such as forgetting screen locks, patterns, or passcodes. You can remove ZTE screen lock with the help of ADM by following below-mentioned steps:

Step to Unlock ZTE Phone Pattern with Android Device Manager

Step 1. Go to Android Device Manager website through a browser.

Step 2.  Sign in from your already linked Google account while logging in your ZTE device.

Step 3. Pick the device name that you want to unlock and press the "Lock" button.

Unlock Android screen lock with Android Device Manger unlock function

Step 4. When you choose the "Lock" tab, a new window will open for you to set up a temporary lock screen.

Step 5. Enter a temporary password and click "Lock" again.

Step 6. Select your ZTE device and add the password that you have set in the above steps. Your ZTE phone will be unlocked.


If you don"t remember Google account details, this method is useless.

Part 3: How to Unlock ZTE Phone Pattern with Google Account (Android 4.4 and Lower)

If you"re using pattern lock on Motorola phone running Android 4.4 or earlier version, then you can easily unlock the pattern lock from your phone via Google account. The steps are as outlined below:

Step 1. Try to unlock your phone several times by drawing the wrong pattern. You"ll see a notification "Forgot pattern?", then click on the "Forgot pattern?" option

Step 2. If the device is linked to your Google account, then enter the Google account credentials (username and password).

Step 3. Choose "Reset Screen Lock" to unlock your Motorola phone without using the password.

Reset your Android pattern through Google Account


The method is useful when you can remember your Google account and relevant information. If you don"t, then this method will not unlock ZTE phone pattern lock.


In this article, we have talked about four different methods of unlocking ZTE phone pattern. All the methods have their benefits and limitations expect one that is iMyFone LockWiper. This tool is designed specially to unlock passwords, patterns, passcodes, and screen locks of Android devices. Anyone can use it because the method is very simple and require no technical knowledge. If you want to unlock ZTE patter lock, use free trial version of iMyFone LockWiper (Android) to unlock it today without losing your data and without spending too much time.

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By  Mike Sangster , to Screen Unlock

Posted on Nov 12, 2019  ( Updated: Nov 13, 2019 )

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