[SOLVED] How to Unlock Samsung Phone without Losing Data

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The obvious way to unlock any phone is by flashing an operating system on it. You could also opt to do a factory reset on the device. There are other common ways to unlock your Android device, but with those, you would lose all your data. If you need to unlock your Samsung phone in a way that all your device apps, messages, settings, preferences, etc. will be intact, you are at the right place. Read this post to the end to learn how to unlock Samsung phone without losing data.

Part 1: Using Samsung’s ‘Find My Mobile’

Samsung devices come with the Find My Mobile feature similar to Apple’s Find My iPhone. This feature is mainly used to locate and control a missing device remotely, and by control, we mean you can also unlock Samsung phone without losing data using Find My Mobile.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Set up your Samsung account and sign into the account.

Step 2: Hit the Lock My Screen button.

Step 3: Input a new PIN in the first area provided.

samsung find my mobile unlock

Step 4: Click the Lock button located at the bottom of the page.

Step 5: Wait as Find My Mobile unlocks your phone and sets the passcode to the PIN you just assigned.

Part 2: The Simplest way – Unlock Tool

Find My Mobile is a superb way you can unlock Samsung phone without losing data. However, that method is clumsy and might leave traces of the old passcode. Your best bet to unlock Samsung phone without losing data is by utilizing an unlock tool. There are tons of unlock tools, but the one we absolutely recommend is iMyFone LockWiper - Android Lock Screen Removal.

iMyFone LockWiper (Android) is a solid utility that helps you perform all kinds of unlock operations on any Android device. The application was built with the end-user in mind, and so the entire user interface is sleek and easy to use. What else, to use the software to unlock Samsung phone without losing data, all you need to do is follow the simple instructions that we will lay out in this section. If you follow the steps, you do not need any technical knowledge whatsoever. Your device will be completely unlocked in no time.



Following are the features of LockWiper (Android):

  • Help you unlock your Samsung phone without losing data and without password.

  • Support to remove any kind of screen locks like PIN, password, pattern, and fingerprint.

  • Does not have a steep learning curve like other similar tools.

  • Easy to use and with high success rate (more than 99%).

  • Free trial version is available for you to try.

Download Now

How to use it – steps to unlock:

Step 1: On starting the software, select Remove without Data Loss mode and click Start to begin.

select unlock mode and start

Step 2: You will be prompted to confirm that your phone is a Samsung. Click Yes. Next, fill in your device name ad model from the dropdowns and hit Start.

select your device

Step 3: The relevant data package starts getting downloaded. When the download is completed, click Next.

download data package

Step 4: Now you connect your device and make sure your Samsung phone is connected to your computer via a reliable USB cord throughout this process.

connect your device

Step 5: When the phone successfully enters the Downloading mode, click Start to Unlock.

unlocking the device

Step 6: After these steps, you would have successfully unlocked Samsung phone without losing data.

complete the unlocking process

Download Now

To see the detailed guide, please check the video here:

Part 3: Using Android Device Manager

To unlock Samsung without losing data, your phone must have Android Device Manager enabled on it. Read on to learn how to use it to unlock Samsung phone without losing data.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: On the internet browser of a computer or another smartphone, navigate to google.com/android/devicemanager.

Step 2: Enter your Google account credentials and log in.

Step 3: The ADM interface will open. From here, choose the device you wish to unlock. Click on Lock.

Step 4: Type in a strong password that you can remember. You do not need to enter a recovery message here, just select ‘Lock’ again.

Step 5: If it was successful, you will get a confirmation saying so. The following buttons should appear: Ring, Lock and Erase.

Step 6: On your mobile, navigate to the password field and enter the new password you just gave it in step 5.

unlock via adm

So many people have issues with their Samsung phones, and after several failed attempts at unlocking Samsung phone without losing data, they resort to wiping the device. Normally, this should be the ultimate fix for most lock issues, but as you now know from this post, there are a few ways you could unlock Samsung without losing data, such as using Find My Mobile, Android Device Manger, as well as our recommended solution - iMyFone LockWiper - Android Lock Screen Removal.

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By  Alan Mendes , to Screen Unlock

Posted on Jun 17, 2019  ( Updated: Aug 05, 2020 )

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