How to Unlock Moto G6/G6 Plus/G6 Play with the Fastest & Easiest Methods

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It is known that the screen lock and SIM lock are security features of Moto G6. But what to do if people come across the situation where they have forgotten the screen password or gotten stuck on SIM lock? In this blog, we will discuss effective methods on how to unlock Moto G6/G6 Plus/G6 Play.

Part 1. How to Unlock Moto G6 Screen Lock

You may need to remove or reset Moto G6/G6 Plus/G6 Play screen lock when:

  • You forgot phone screen password;

  • You bought a phone with screen lock on it;

  • You simply want to factory reset your Android phones.

  • Here we will introduce 3 methods about how to unlock the screen password, including iMyFone LockWiper (Android), Android Device Manager and hard reset.

    Method 1. How to Unlock Moto G6 Password By iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

    iMyFone LockWiper (Android) is a wonderful screen lock removal program that works on most Android devices, such as Moto G6, Samsung, LG and so on. No matter how complex the screen lock might be, the software will eradicate all kinds of screen lock without password.



    Features of iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

    • Efficiently remove all types of screen lock, including pattern, PIN, face lock, password and fingerprint.

    • Permanently erase screen lock without password in 3 minutes.

    • Support more than 6000 Android devices, including Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, etc.

    • Enjoy all functions of Android phones after removal.

    • Support to bypass Google/FRP lock from Android devices.

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    Here are steps about how to unlock Moto G6 screen lock (password, PIN, pattern, fingerprint & face lock) using iMyFone LockWiper (Android).

    Step 1. Download and launch the program on your computer. Select “Remove Screen Lock (for all Android devices)” and click “Start”.

    remove screen lock

    Step 2. Connect Moto G6 to computer via USB connection. This will automatically load up your device information.

    connect device to PC

    Step 3. Tap “Start to Unlock” after information is confirmed. The software will start to download data package for Moto G6.

    download data package

    Step 4. Next follow the instructions to remove the screen lock. The removal process will be done in 1 minute.

    Finish removal

    Download Now

    Method 2. How to Unlock Moto G6 by Android Device Manager

    With Android Device Manager (ADM), you can also unlock your Moto G6/G6 Plus/G6 Play. But make sure that you have backed up all your phone data when you decide to use ADM. Below are steps to unlock Moto G6 screen lock.

    Step 1. Go to Android Device Manager website on your computer.

    Step 2. Sign in with your Google account you used on your Moto G6. Select “Lock” after you choose your Moto G6.

    adm unlock

    Step 3. Tap “Lock” again after entering a new password.

    Step 4. Click “Ring, Lock & Erase”, and enter the temporary password. Your Moto G6 will be unlocked successfully.


    • All data on your Moto G6 will be erased and will not be restored after reset.

    • This method will not work if you forget your Google account password.

    • This method will only work on some particular models of Motorola.

    Method 3. How to Unlock Moto G6 by Hard Reset

    Before you use this method, you should know that it will unlock your Moto G6/G6 Plus/G6 Play lock screen but end up deleting all your mobile data, including your media files, contacts, apps (just to mention a few). So you have to backup before using hard reset. Follow these steps below:

    Step 1. Pressing power button to turn off  Moto G6. Then hold the power button plus volume down or up button when “Fast Mode” appears on the screen.

    Step 2. Select “Recovery Mode” by clicking volume buttons. Afterwards, an “Android exclamation mark” icon will pop up again.

    Step 3. Use the volume up and down button to navigate until you reach the option to “wipe data/factory reset”.

    Step 4. Press power button to choose “Yes -- delete all user data”.

    Step 5. Use the power up button to reach the “Reboot system now” icon. Your Moto G6 will be reset then.

    Factory reset


    • All your data on Moto G6 will be erased and will not be restored after reset.

    • This method will only work on particular models of Motorola.

    Part 2. How to Unlock Moto G6 SIM Lock by Code

    Except being locked out by Moto G6/G6 Plus/G6 Play screen lock, you may get trouble in the SIM lock. For example, if you bought a Moto G6 from a network service provider, you will not be able to use with other carriers.

    You may ask why people want to use the devices with other carriers. The reasons probably are that:

  • You can use the local SIM card and avoid roaming charges while you are travelling abroad.

  • Easily switch the SIM cards between different GSM carriers using the same phone.

  • You can remotely unlock your phone from the comfort of your home.

  • In such cases, you have to unlock Moto G6 if you want to use your device with other GSM SIM cards. Therefore, it will be necessary for you to know how to unlock Moto G6 by code.

    Step 1. Receive network unlock code first after providing your Motorola IMEI number for it to be generated. Simply dial*#06# as a phone number to get the IMEI code.

    sim unlock

    Step 2. Put an unaccepted SIM card on your Moto G6, which means you should put a SIM card with different carrier, not the one where you bought the device.

    Step 3. The meaasge of inputting unlock code will pop up. If there is no meaaage, dial #073887* until the message pops up.

    Step 4. Enter the code provided by and click “Unlock”. Your Moto G6 will be unlocked.

    sim unlock


    • Each carrier has a different set of hoops to jump through. Some are simple, but some are complex. This method will not work if it’s complex.

    • The pop up message to input the code could fail to appear.


    We have talked about the ways on how to unlock Moto G6/G6 Plus/G6 Play screen lock and phone carrier. Because of the disadvantages of other solutions, you may agree with us that iMyFone LockWiper (Android) is the best option to unlock Moto G6 screen lock. Download the software for free and take a free trial right now.

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By  Alex Jafferson , to Screen Unlock

Posted on Dec 06, 2019  ( Updated: Dec 06, 2019 )

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