Format an Android Phone: Everything You Need to Know 2020

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“These days I felt my Android Phone run slower than it was. To speed it up, I decided to format it. But I have no idea how I can go with it. Is there any way to format an Android phone and what should I do before performing the formatting?”

You are not the only one who encountered the issue. Here I am providing a brief guide about it all. Hope it can get you out of the trouble.

What You Should Do Before Formatting a Phone

It is known to us all that the format is a process of deleting everything. The strongest suggestion is to backup your important data before considering the formatting process. Otherwise, it would bring about great difficulties. To achieve the best result, you can choose a professional data backup software. Then you can proceed with the formatting process.

Top Ways to Format an Android Phone

Talking about formatting phone, there are several ways available. Let’s discuss the best of these here.

1Format an Android Phone with iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

iMyFone LockWiper (Android) is the best savior for locked Android phones. It is capable of instantly removing the Android lock screen without entering a password., meanwhile erasing everything on the phone. With the help of LockWiper Android,  you’ll find it has never been so easy to format an Android phone.



Features of iMyFone LockWiper (Android):

  • Wipe out everything completely on the Android phone during the unlocking process.

  • Remove all kinds of Android lock screens: PIN, pattern, password, fingerprint and face lock, etc.

  • Bypass Google FRP lock and let you take full control of your device.

  • Save you from all the troubles no matter you forgot screen password, broke your device screen or were stuck with FRP.

  • Support more than 6000 devices namely as Motorola, Samsung and Huawei, etc.

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Steps to Format Android Phone with LockWiper (Android)

Step 1: Connect Your Android Device:

Launch the iMyFone lockWiper(Android) in your computer/laptop. After that select the “Remove Screen Lock” mode.  Click on "Start", after that connect your device to the computer.

unlock screen passcode

Step 2: Confirmation Properly for the Device Information

Automatically, your Android device info will be detected. In case the device name is incorrect, correct it manually.

confirm device information

It takes a few minutes to prepare the data package, please wait patiently.

prepare data package

Step 3: Unlock the Screen Lock

Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to reset your device. After that, the program will commence the screen unlocking process.

removing screen lock

When you get a congratulation message, it means that your screen lock is removed successfully and you’ve formatted the phone completely.

removal completed

Free Download

2Format an Android Phone in Recovery Mode

An Android user has many choices for formatting the mobile phone. Booting your device in the recovery mode is one of these. Here I am mentioning the instructions in detail:

Step 1: Switch off your device and then press the power and volume down button.

Step 2: With the help of volume down key, you can choose the Factory Reset or Wipe Data from the given option, after that press the power button for confirming your option.

wipe data factory reset

Step 3: When the reset process is finished, the device will automatically restart then you’ll find that all the files are wiped out on your android device.

3Format an Android Phone through Setting Menu

You can easily erase the phone data through setting menu and take your device back to the state of factory settings. Simply keep in mind that through this you won’t defect your phone. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on the Menu and open Settings.

Step 2: Select the System then Backup & reset option.

Step 3: Scroll down in the end and click on Factory Data Reset.

reset device

Step 4: Confirm all the information and click on Reset Device.

Wait for the process to complete and you’ll have a clean phone again.

Bonus: How to Backup an Android Phone

Backup Photos and Videos with Google Photos App

It seems easy to back up your photos & video with the help of Google Photos apps.

Step 1: Open the photo app that resembles a pinwheel.

Step 2: Click on the options button that is available in the left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Open the Setting from the pop-out menu.

Step 4: Click on Back-up & sync.

Step 5: Click on the white Switch Back up & Sync. (if the switch is blue, it means that you’ve already back up your photos and videos to your Google account).

Backup to Google Drive

Step 1: Launch the Android Settings App.

Step 2: Scroll down to System and tap on it, then click on Backup.

Step 3: Tap on the Backup to Google Drive switch if it is white (blue switch means that your Google account is now backing up to Google drive).


Maybe you are stuck in the same situation. In the above content, I have briefly mentioned 3 methods. iMyFone LockWiper (Android) is the easiest although, you might have to turn to other options. Just follow the steps to format your phone with ease.


By  Rosalin Tacita , to Screen Unlock

Posted on Jul 18, 2019  ( Updated: Jan 10, 2020 )

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