The Most Common Patterns Locks & All Possible Combinations

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Almost all Smartphone users these days use various lock patterns for their phone, especially the younger folks. Lock patterns are used mainly for security reasons and to prevent accidental dialing. However, if you’re throwing up your neck to know some common lock patterns or all  possible Android unlock patterns, then let’s go on a ride.

The Most Common Lock Pattern Habits

Many smartphone users today use a simple lock pattern that isn’t so strong and easy to detect. Many of us are guilty of that. Lock patterns were meant to replace traditional password, but we more often sacrifice security for simpler lock patterns. Let’s look at most common pattern locks habits that are in use today.

Top Left Corner Pattern: It is believed that 44% of people often start their patterns from the top-left corner when creating their pattern.

3 Other Corners: Research also showed that about 77% of users started their patterns in one of the rest 3 corners when creating a pattern.

5 Nodes: It has been observed that many users used only 5 nodes. While a greater number of people used 4 nodes.

Letter Patterns: Study shows that about 10% of lock patterns were made in the shape of a letter. Some users simply use a pattern similar to their initial.

common pattern

If you are using one of the most common pattern locks, then it will be an easy answer for those who are wondering how to guess pattern lock.

Secure Android Unlock Code - Choose Better Patterns

It is a security risk to choose an easy-to-guess lock pattern for your Android device. It is recommended you choose a strong lock pattern for better security. Let’s look at how you can do this.

Never use your first initial as a pattern for your device. It’s easy to guess for hackers.

Use more crossovers instead of just one or two. The more crossover you have, the harder it’s for an attacker to predict your pattern.

Use a longer pattern instead of a short one. Use like 9 nodes. It is safer that way. Don’t be careless by creating short nodes that even an infant can predict.

You may also use the common pattern habits we mentioned above but go in the opposite. Avoid the corner node or the more common top-left one.

secure pattern

Here we have more pattern locks for you which is just some of all possible pattern lock combinations. Choose one that is easy to remember yet secure for your device.

all possible android unlock patterns

How to Unlock Android Phones If You Forgot Patterns

Creating a strong lock pattern has the disadvantage of confusing the user. He may forget the pattern. If that happened to you, what can you do?

Look not in any direction except the direction of an amazing software like iMyFone LockWiper Android lock screen removal. This software program was created to unlock even the most sophisticated lock patterns. So you don’t need to know how  to guess pattern lock but  remove it directly here. LockWiper (Android) will give you an hassle-free way to unlock your device quickly.


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LockWiper (Android) - Your Helper to Remove Patterns

  • Instantly unlock Android pattern lock without any password

  • Easily remove pattern from Android in regardless of whether it’s simple or complicated

  • Various screen locks are supported to unlock, like PIN, password, fingerprint and even face lock

  • Support almost all Android brands and models and provide specific unlocking solution for specific device

  • Be very easy to use and promise high success rate

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Steps to Remove Android Pattern Lock When You Forgot It:

Video instructions:

Image instructions:

Step 1: Click the “Download” button above to get  iMyFone LockWiper (Android) downloaded and installed on your PC. Click “Start” on LockWiper.

LockWiper Android Screenshot

Step 2: Connect your Android device to your PC via a USB cable. Your device will be auto detected. Please confirm or correct the device information. Click “Start Unlock” to continue.

LockWiper Android Screenshot

Step 3: It will prepare the specific data package for your device. Then follow the onscreen wizard to put your device on recovery mode and continue. LockWiper (Android) will unlock your patterns when your device restarts. Your device will come out fresh in a few minutes.

LockWiper Android Screenshot

Wrap Up:

Setting a pattern lock for your Android device is a good step towards securing your phone. However, you need to make your pattern hard to guess for hackers. In the event that you forgot your pattern lock, don’t hesitate to use iMyFone LockWiper (Android) lock screen removal as it’s the best software to help you unlock it safely and fast.


By  James Vincent , to Screen Unlock

Posted on Mar 28, 2019  ( Updated: Sep 08, 2020 )

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