[2020] How to Disable Alcatel One Touch Screen Lock - Solved

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I bought my grandpa an Alcatel One Touch smart phone but now he forgot the passcode to enter the phone. My grandpa is over 80 years old. He has bad memory. Does anyone know how to remove the current password and disable Alcatel One Touch screen lock?

Alcatel One Touch Screen Lock Disabled

Alcatel OneTouch, simplified as Alcatel, is a French brand of mobile handsets especially mobile phones. The brand is owned by Nokia and used under license by Chinese electronics company TCL Corporation. Recently, one of our users has emailed us the problem on how to remove password of locked Alcatel and disable the screen lock. If you happen to use Alcatel One Touch phones and come across the problem mentioned above, refer to this article to find solutions to disable Alcatel One Touch screen lock.

1. How to Disable Alcatel One Touch Screen Lock without Passwords?

Are you locked out of Alcatel One Touch and trying to disable the screen lock? If yes, you can use iMyFone LockWiper (Android) – a powerful Android lock screen removal tool. It is a desktop application focusing on removing screen locks from Android devices. No matter you are locked by a PIN, password, pattern, fingerprint or face recognition, this software can easily remove the screen lock without using any passwords. All you need to do is connecting your locked Alcatel One Touch phone to a computer and making several clicks.



Disable Alcatel One Touch Screen Lock when Locked

  • Disable Alcatel One Touch screen lock without using passwords.

  • Support most popular Android phone brands, including Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, Vivo, Alcatel, ZTE, etc.

  • Remove screen locks of mobile phones and tablets.

  • 98% success rate and ease of use.

  • Compatible with latest Android version 10.

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Steps to Disable Alcatel One Touch Screen Lock on Locked Phones

Step 1. Download and install iMyFone LockWiper (Android) on your computer. After successful installation, launch the software and click Start to begin the process. Connect your locked Alcatel One Touch device to the computer using an original USB cable.  

Connect Alcatel One Touch device to iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

Step 2. The software will detect your device brand and model information automatically. Check the displayed information and click Start Unlock to go on. If the information is incorrect, you can use the drop-down boxes to select the right one.

Verify Alcatel One Touch phone brand and model

Step 3. Once you start the process of disabling Alcatel One Touch screen lock, the software will install a data package compatible with the model of your Alcatel device.

Download data package to Alcatel phone

Step 4. Follow the instruction to install and extract the data package. When the extraction is done, the software will start removing screen lock from your Alcatel One Touch device. After the process, you will see the lock screen disabled.

Successfully disable Alcatel One Touch screen lock

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2. How Do I Disable the Alcatel One Touch Screen Lock with a Password?

As the user has indicated, it's easy for the old to forget the passcode to a screen lock. To avoid being locked out, it's recommended that elder users disable screen lock of Alcatel devices.

Steps to Disable Alcatel One Touch Screen Lock with a Password

Here are the steps to disable the screen lock on Alcatel One Touch Idol Mini:

Step 1. Tap APPS on the home screen , then scroll to and tap Settings.

Step 2. Select Security & location and tap Screen lock.

Step 3. Enter your current password, tap Next.

Step 4. Tap None. The screen lock will be turned off.

Disable Alcatel One Touch screen lock

Choosing the None option disables any previously set screen unlock security on your Alcatel device.

3. How to Enable Alcatel One Touch Screen Lock?

Disabling screen lock on Alcatel One Touch makes it easy to access your device without using password. However, thieves might steal private information from your device. To protect your phone and privacy, you can lock the phone screen by choosing slide/swiper or creating a variety of patterns, PIN or password, etc.

Steps to Enable Alcatel One Touch Screen Lock

To enable screen unlock pattern on Alcatel One Touch, see the detailed setting steps here:

Step 1. Select the Apps menu key from the home screen,  scroll to and select Settings. Tap Security & location.

Alcatel One Touch Settings Security

Step 2. Select and click the gear icon of Screen lock. You will see the lock options of None, Swipe, Pattern, PIN, Password. Notice  the differences of different kinds of locks:

None - Disables any previously set screen unlock security.
Swipe - Swipe to disable screen lock.
Pattern - Sets an unlock screen which requires the user to draw a specific pattern between 9 on-screen points.
PIN - Sets an unlock screen requiring the user to enter a numeric code.
Password - Sets an unlock screen that requires entering an alphanumeric password (numbers, letters, and symbols).

Here we choose Pattern. Daw your own unlock pattern and select Next.

Alcatel Set Pattern Lock

Step 3. Draw the pattern again and tap Confirm. You'll be required to select how you want notifications to show up when your Alcatel device is locked. Select the way you want and then your Alcatel phone will be secured with a new screen lock.

To unlock your Alcatel One Touch screen pattern lock,  press the power key once to light up the screen, draw the unlock pattern you have created or enter PIN or password, etc. to unlock the screen.

Alcatel One Touch Pattern Lock

If you have chosen Swipe as the screen lock, you could:

When the screen is dark, double tap the screen to unlock;

Or press the Power key to wake up the screen first, then touch and drag to to unlock the screen, or drag to camera, message and phone icons to access the corresponding screen.

Alcatel One Touck Slide to Unlock

Slide or Swipe screen lock requires no passwords.

4. Can Alcatel Phone Dual Screen be Unlocked?

Yes, if your Alcatel One Touch with dual screen is locked. You can unlock the dual screen lock using LockWiper (Android) without any passwords.

Here is how to enable Alcatel One Touch dual screen:

Step 1. Touch and hold the Back key to start or hide dual screen launcher.

Step 2. Touch Edit to display all Apps within the dual screen launcher.

Step 3. Touch and hold the App and drag it to dual screen launcher or dual screen list. After edit, touch Done.

Alcatel One Touch Dual Screene

1. When an App is running, open the dual screen launcher, touch and hold the 2nd App move to 1st App, you can then check information for two apps on one window.
2. Alcatel One Touch dual screen function only supports the Apps within the dual  screen list.

More Tips: How Do You Unlock a Phone if You Forgot the Pattern?

A large number of Android users tend to protect their phone with a pattern lock. Comparing with other lock options, pattern is easy to darw and all you need is a quick sketch from the beginning to the end without stopping. However, the patterns some Android users draw are so complicated that they forget the correct pattern easily. In this case, how do you unlock a phone if you forget the pattern? Solutions to reset pattern lock on Android devices have been provided in previous articles.

Some effective methods to unlock a phone if you forgot the pattern are listed below:

Method 1: Unlock a Phone Pattern iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

Method 2: Unlock a Phone Pattern with Google Account (Android 4.4 and Lower)

Method 3: Unlock a Phone Pattern with Android Device Manager


This article has offered you solutions to disable Alcatel One Touch screen lock and detailed guide on how to enable different screen licks. More details about Alcatel One Touch screen lock settings and how to use dual screen are also given above. When you need to bypass screen lock on locked Alcatel devices, iMyFone LockWiper (Android) is always recommended to remove Android lock screen. The software will help you our of locked Alcatel devices in no time!

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By  Mike Sangster , to Screen Unlock

Posted on Jan 10, 2020  ( Updated: Jan 14, 2020 )

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