Top 4 Samsung FRP Tool Download for PC to Bypass Google Lock

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Enjoying security features on your Android phone set? What about Factory Reset Protection (FRP)? When you factory reset your phone, FRP blocks use of your Samsung Galaxy phone. Now you would need to login with the same Google account credentials you used before. But if you don’t know or remember, you will need Samsung FRP tool for PC.

Part 1. What is Samsung FRP Lock?

FRP lock is a security feature for Android 5.0.1 Lollipop and onward versions. It helps to prevent unrelated people to login to your phone set. But it becomes frustrating sometimes when you reset your factory data and screen shows that you are not able to use your android anymore due to FRP Lock and the double trouble is that you don’t remember your account credentials. Now get Samsung FRP tool download for PC to get back the control.

Samsung FRP tool for PC will help you to bypass lock and you will be able to enter to your device without any hassle. It is a difficult job to find the best Samsung FRP tool download for PC but we will tell you about 4 top FRP tools that are meant to bypass FRP/Google lock easily. After reading this article, you will be able to decide which tool you want to pick as Samsung FRP tool for PC.

Below is a brief comparison among the following 4 Samsung FRP tools for PC:

Success Rate
Official Website
User Interface
Unlock Condition
Customer Support
Easy instructions for each step
Data cable, computer
Free, 24/7
FRP Bypass APK
USB drive, OTG cable, computer
Pangu FRP Unlocker APK
Flash drive, OTG cable, computer
Technocare FRP Bypass APK
USB drive, OTG cable, computer

Part 2: Best Samsung FRP Tool for PC of the Year

We introduce the best FRP tool of the year at first. This FRP tool has been highly recommended by users and ranked for the best Samsung FRP tool for PC. If you need an instant act on removing FRP lock, then iMyFone LockWiper (Android) is available. This is the best Samsung FRP tool for PC to bypass FRP.


1,000,000+ Downloads

Here are the key features of iMyFone LockWiper (Android):

  • Bypass Samsung Google Lock/FRP without any credentials.

  • Access your device and all features completely after the FRP removal.

  • Get device removed from the previous synced Google account and won’t be tracked.

  • Remove or bypass the screen lock on many Samsung devices without losing data.

  • Remove various Android screen lock like: PIN, pattern, password, fingerprint and face recognition.

  • Support more than 6000 android devices like LG, Samsung, Motorola Huawei etc. to unlock screen.

Download Now

Steps to remove Samsung FRP Lock

iMyFoneLockWiper (Android) helps to bypass FRP lock in a very simple way. Check out easy steps to remove Samsung FRP Lock:

Step 1: Download and install iMyFoneLockWiper (Android) on  your PC.  Choose “Remove Google Lock (FRP)” from the interface.


Step 2: Select your device name and  click "Next".


Follow the instructions to set to recovery mode and click "Next". Select information of your device. To continue, click “Download”.


Step 3: A data package will be downloaded. Click "Start to Extract" to unpack it.


After extraction your device is ready to download the data.  Click "Start". Type "000000" to confirm the installation.

downloading mode

Step 4: Reset your device by following the instructions to download the firmware package. Click "Start to Extract". After the firmware extracts successfully, the program starts to unlock the Google lock. Wait for it to finish.

start unlock

Here is the Good News! The previous synced Google account is removed from your device and you are able to access the whole device with all rights.


iMyFone LockWiper (Android) is easy to handle to remove FRP lock. It  provides a free trial version for you to try.

Download Now

Part 3: Three Samsung FRP Tools Download for PC

We have told you about iMyFone LockWiper (Android). There are more other Samsung FRP tool for PC to remove the lock. We will discuss about three more. Three of them are explained below.

aFRP Bypass APK

FRP Bypass APK is a free tool that is also known as Samsung FRP tool for PC. This app is used to bypass the FRP lock on Google device or an Android. It is said by the developers that this app can help you instantly.


bPangu FRP Unlocker APK

Pangu is another top FRP unlocker tool. This tool is also used to bypass the FRP Lock on Samsung Galaxy. It was a great method to bypass FRP lock in 2018. But now it has lost its fame as the security apps getting so much better than before.


cTechnocare FRP Bypass APK

Here, another FRP bypass tool is present. This app is used as Samsung FRP tool for PC. This bypass system is not stronger than the others but it is claimed as the best by passer this year.


Cons of above Mentioned Apps

We know that everything in the world is not complete. There are many cons in these apps.

1. The major con is that they don’t provide an unlocking guarantee.

2. They don’t have an official website

3. You will spend much more. To use the APK you will need a USB drive and an OTG cable.

4. All three unlockers have a difficult procedure to unlock and you can’t operate without any hassle due to a lack of detailed instructions.


It is possible to remove Samsung FRP lock when you don’t remember the Google account password. Samsung FRP tool for PC becomes necessary to bypass the lock. After putting light on all four top rated FRP Unlocker, it is concluded that iMyFone LockWiper (Android) is the best option of all. It has a capability to cope up with Samsung FRP. So here decision is yours: do you want to try its free trial version to unlock your device now?

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By  Josh Levine , to Google FRP Unlock

Posted on Nov 25, 2019  ( Updated: Nov 25, 2019 )

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