Google FRP Unlock

Help Android users to remove Google FRP lock with effective solutions.

[2019] Best Way to Bypass Android Factory Reset Protection

Read this guide to learn everything about Android Factory Reset Protection, it’s benefits, how to activate it, as well as the best way to bypass it.

userBy Alan Mendes|Oct 15, 2019

[2019] How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy without Google Account

Would you like to unlock your Samsung Galaxy phone without Google account verification? This blog offers and discusses how to unlock Samsung galaxy without Google account.

userBy Alan Mendes|Oct 15, 2019

How to Delete an Old Google Account without Password

Deleting an old Google account without password is possible and there are several ways to do it. This guide list a couple of effective ways.

userBy Alan Mendes|Oct 19, 2019

[Solved] How to Unlock Phone Locked with Google Account

This article provides solutions for those who factory reset their Android phone and got stuck on factory reset protection lock. Hence, it’s a solution for unlocking the phone locked with Google account.

userBy Mike Sangster|Oct 18, 2019

What to Do with Android 72 Hour Lockout? [Solved]

what to do if you came across Android 72 hour lockout? A step by step guide is in this post here.

userBy Josh Levine|Oct 18, 2019

How to Remove Previously Synced Google Account from Android

Are you locked out of a previously synced Google account on your Android? Check here to learn how to remove previously synced Google account from Android easily.

userBy Alan Mendes|Oct 18, 2019

Review and Guide to Using Quick Shortcut Maker FRP Unlock

Would you like to know an easy way to bypass FRP lock on your Android device? This blog introduces Quick Shortcut Maker FRP Unlock as a way to unlock Android devices.

userBy Alan Mendes|Oct 17, 2019

Top 3 Samsung FRP Unlock Tools [2019]

Are you searching for a solution that can bypass Samsung FRP lock in one click? Here are the top 3 Samsung FRP unlock tool for 2019.

userBy Mike Sangster|Oct 16, 2019

How to Unlock Samsung J7 FRP? Updated for 2019

This article is going to talk about effective methods to unlock Samsung J7 FRP that work in 2019. This article is a perfect solution for all of your needs.

userBy Mike Sangster|Oct 15, 2019

How to Reset A Stolen Android Phone [Newly-Updated]

Are you battling with how to reset a stolen Android phone or planning to unlock it? Here is a complete guide for you.

userBy Josh Levine|Oct 15, 2019

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