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Find the best solutions to unlock your Android devices without hassle.

A Complete Guide on How to Bypass Samsung A5 Google Account

Found the FRP feature comes out as trouble as you forgot the Google account password? This guide will help you bypass Google account on Samsung A5 easily.

userBy Rosalin Tacita|Oct 15, 2019

How to Bypass Google Account Verification on Android Devices

Are you searching for how to bypass Google account verification on Android device? This article brings you to the 3 best ways to solve it without any hassle.

userBy Alan Mendes|Oct 15, 2019

Tested Effective Methods for Samsung J5 FRP Unlock

Locked out and can’t access your Samsung phone? Here are effective methods for Samsung J5 FRP unlock that you should try!

userBy Mike Sangster|Oct 15, 2019

Top 13 Solutions to Fix Android WiFi Authentication Problem

Authentication error occurred WiFi on Android? Do not worry. Here are the top 12 solutions you cannot miss to fix the authentication problem on Android.

userBy Robert Moore|Oct 15, 2019

10 Tips & Tricks on How to Fix LG G4/5/6/7/8 Won’t Turn on

Are you freaking out when your LG device cannot be turned on? Stay calm and check the 10 tips & tricks here to fix the LG G4/5/6/7/8 won’t turn on issue.

userBy Robert Moore|Oct 15, 2019

[Can’t Miss] Top 13 Ways to Solve “App not installed” on Android

Here are 13 ways for you if the applications cannot be installed on Android, so there is no need to worry about the app not installed error. Learn more now!

userBy Robert Moore|Oct 15, 2019

6 Methods You Should Know to Fix Samsung Phone Won’t Turn on

Are you worried about your Samsung screen which cannot be turned on? Here are the best 5 methods to fix Samsung phone won’t turn on.

userBy Robert Moore|Oct 15, 2019

What to Do When Your Android Tablet Won't Turn on

Here are the best 6 ways for Android users whose tablet suddenly won’t turn on or just won’t turn on any more. Don't be hesitated and just have a try.

userBy Miller Walton |Oct 15, 2019

How to Enter Download Mode on Samsung Devices?

This article will tell you what is download mode, how to enter/exit download mode on Android devices and what to do if your device gets stuck in download mode.

userBy Bryan Cooper|Oct 15, 2019

[All-in-One] Top 9 Solutions to Fix Error 495 in Google Play

Do not know what error code 495 is? Do not fret. Here is the one-stop guide to get help troubleshooting error code 495 in Google play store.

userBy Robert Moore|Oct 15, 2019