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Find the best solutions to unlock your Android devices without hassle.

Best Android Lock Remover For 2019

Just forgot the screen lock password, PIN or pattern? Don’t panic! Here is the best Android lock remover tool to get you back into your phone. Check it out!

userBy Josh Levine|Oct 15, 2019

[2019] How to Reset Pattern Lock on Android Devices – Solve It Now

Forgotten the pattern lock of your Android phone? This article introduces tested and approved methods to reset pattern lock for almost all Android devices.

userBy Mike Sangster|Oct 15, 2019

3 Tested Solutions to Format Samsung Galaxy S4

This blog detailed out 3 tested solutions to format Samsung Galaxy S4, which would give our readers the ability to choose the method that suits them best.

userBy Mike Sangster|Oct 15, 2019

[2019] Most Common Pattern Locks for Android Devices – Crack Them Now

Do you know that Android lock patterns are more predictable than we thought? This article introduces the most common pattern locks and how to crack them easily.

userBy Mike Sangster|Oct 15, 2019

How to Unlock My Screen - Android Users Must Read

Not able to unlock your phone due to screen lock? What if I want to unlock my Screen but don’t know the password? Here are methods to unlock the Screen.

userBy Mike Sangster|Oct 15, 2019

[2019 Solved] How to Hard Reset Android Phone without Password

This guide lists several ways to hard reset Android devices, including a method to reset without providing any password.

userBy Alan Mendes|Oct 15, 2019

[2019] How to Factory Reset Samsung Phone with/without Password

Just like other android devices, there are several methods to factory reset Samsung android phones. Read this guide to learn about how to factory reset Samsung phone.

userBy Alan Mendes|Oct 15, 2019

[2019 New] How to Unlock Android Tablet without Factory Reset

Would you like to know how to unlock android tablet without factory reset? If yes, then this article would introduce you 4 ways to unlock Android tablet without losing data.

userBy Alan Mendes|Oct 15, 2019

Solved: Android Wipe Data Factory Reset Not Working

What to do when Android Wipe data/factory reset simply stops working? This guide lists some solutions for it when Android wipe data factory reset not working.

userBy Alan Mendes|Oct 15, 2019

[2019] Android Factory Reset Code - Reset Your Phone Easily

Apart from the usual methods, you can also reset your android device via Android factory reset code. This guide lists the codes and methods to factory reset android devices from various brands.

userBy Alan Mendes|Oct 15, 2019