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Find the best solutions to unlock your Android devices without hassle.

How to Retrieve Deleted Texts on Android without Computer

Accidentally deleted a sentimental text from your smartphone? This guide explains how to retrieve deleted texts on Android without computer.

userBy Elvin Powell|Feb 20, 2020

How Can I Find My Recycle Bin on Android?

Is there a recycle bin for Android? You may ask. Here in the article we'll tell you the anwswer, and few methods are introduced for retrieving data.

userBy Rosalin Tacita|Feb 18, 2020

How to Flash a Phone? [Most Complete Guide in 2020]

This article will offer the most detailed tutorial on how to flash your Android phone which applies to the users of all Android phones and brands.

userBy Bryan Cooper|Feb 12, 2020

How to Recover Data from Phone That Won't Turn On

This article aims to dive into reasons why a phone won't turn on, some solutions to these issues, and finally how to recover data from phone that won't turn on.

userBy Rosalin Tacita|Feb 11, 2020

[2020 New] Top 3 Android Mobile Phone Password Unlocker Recommended

Locked out of your Android phone and failed to get into it? No worries, a great phone password unlocker can solve you from any lock issues.

userBy James Vincent|Jan 17, 2020

[2020] How to Reset A Samsung Phone That Is Locked

Have you gotten your Samsung phone locked and are wondering how to reset a Samsung phone that is locked? This article is for you.

userBy Alan Mendes|Jan 17, 2020

[2020 Updated] How to Unlock Android Phone without Password

Forgot password to unlock Android phone? Got a second-hand device with locked screen? No worries, all the issues can be solved with these ways.

userBy James Vincent|Jan 17, 2020

[2020] Best Android Data Recovery Tool for Lost/Deleted Data

The list of best Android data recovery software is released! Come and find out which data recovery software is at the top in 2020!

userBy Trumpson Howwell|Jan 15, 2020

How to Recover Deleted Files from Unrooted Android Phone

Wonder how to recover deleted files from Android unrooted? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know to do the recovery with ease!

userBy Elvin Powell|Jan 11, 2020

Top 3 Ways to Access Broken-Screen Android Phone via PC

Wonder how to access phone with broken screen with pc and recover your data? Here we introduce top 3 ways to solve your problem!

userBy Elvin Powell|Jan 11, 2020

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