Why Is My Phone Glitching? Find Answers & Fixes Here

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Smartphones are not going to last forever, not even the most premium ones. As time passes, the users keep facing new problems in their smartphones now and then. You would want the most important gadget to function properly at all times.

Your Android phone is designed to be stable and reliable and try to be away from malware. But to our dismay, crashes, software glitches, battery drain, and other common issues are unavoidable.

Thankfully, most of the issues can be fixed easily with a few steps. In this guide, you will get to know some common issues and the reasons for their occurrence. Then, in the next part, you will learn the most effective ways to fix the common issues on your Android phone.

Common Issues When Phone Glitching on Android

The users continuously face new issues on their phones. Let us see some of the most common issues that occur on smartphones.

  • Most of the users report problems with their battery life. The battery tends to drain quickly.

  • Once the internal storage is full, the phone will slow down and often freeze.

  • The users also have a problem connecting to Wi-Fi, cellular network or Bluetooth.

  • When you use your phone continuously, it may overheat, giving you discomfort.

  • App crashes, syncing problems, unresponsive screen, App not downloading, etc are some of the common issues faced by Android smartphone users.

Reasons Why My Android Phone Get Glitches

If you are searching for answers for why is your phone glitching suddenly, then there are various reasons you can check. 

  • A few apps on your phone can be the reason for slowing it down. Even glitches in one or two apps can affect your phone.

  • Poor battery life in your smartphone might close the apps suddenly, making it difficult to use the phone smoothly.

  • If there is a problem while upgrading your phone, various issues will appear randomly.

The issues can occur at any time without giving any notice. No matter which issue is bothering you, we are giving you the best fixes to solve common issues on your Android phone.

Fix 1. Check the Android Screen

Before trying any fixes, check your Android screen for any damage.

Take off the screen protector if you are using it. Remove the gloves if you are using the phone with gloves on. Make sure there are no stickers on sensors. Finally, clean your screen and then use it.


Fix 2. Check All Apps

Glitches in a couple of apps can slow down the phone. So, you need to check which apps are giving the issues on your device.

Step 1: Go to Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> App Info.

Step 2: Now choose the app that is troubling you.

Step 3: Tap Storage and clear the cache.


Fix 3. Try The Best Android System Repair Tool

The best way is to use professional software for fixing various types of issues on Android. Fixppo for Android from iMyFone is a reliable and safe tool to fix Android issues within minutes. It is used by a number of Android users and it supports thousands of Android phones and tablets.

  • One of the most important benefits is that even an individual without any technical knowledge can use it for fixing the issues.

  • It is secure and does not compromise the security of your phone data.

  • It is designed using the latest technology, so it can fix almost all Android software issues.

Step 1: First, install Fixppo for Android on your computer and click on the Start button. Download the relevant firmware version for fixing this issue. Enter the device details and select other options carefully. Then click on Download Firmware.


Step 2: The firmware will be downloaded automatically then. Check the displayed information and then proceed with the next step. If the displayed information is correct, click on Start.


Step 3: Now connect your Android device to the computer. You have to put your device in "Download Mode" before you start fixing this problem. Once the phone is in Download mode, the fixing process will begin automatically. 


With the highest success rate, most Android issue can be fixed using Fixppo for Android. An accomplished team of experts has developed this software to help Android users. So do not hesitate to have a try.

Fix 4. Turn off Developer Options 

If you are having touch screen issues, the developer settings might be the reason for it.

Step 1: Go to Settings -> System -> Developer Options. This will be seen only if the Developer Options is turned on previously.

Step 2: Now, turn off Developer Options.


Fix 5. Restart Your Android Device

This is a very simple and effective fix for numerous Android issues.

Step 1: Press and hold the Power button of your device.

Step 2: If multiple options are shown, choose "Restart".


Fix 6. Manage the Brightness Settings

If your device is overheating after using some intense apps on it, try to reduce the brightness.

Step 1: Go to Settings and tap on Display & Brightness.

Step 2: Drag the slider to adjust the brightness of your device.


Fix 7. Reset Android Device to Factory Settings

If any of the processes is causing the issue on your device, consider resetting the device to factory settings. This way will erase your data, so make sure you have backed up your device before.

Step 1: Go to Settings -> Backup & reset.

Step 2: Tap Factory data reset.


Fix 8. Contact Your Device Manufacturer

If the issue is still troubling you, you need to contact the device's manufacturer to check the hardware. You can directly visit their website and contact the support team. If needed, take your device to the service center.


The glitches in Android phones and tablets are common, but there are solutions for all kinds of issues. We have given some common but effective fixes in this guide. Let us know in the comment section below about the issues you are facing presently.


By  Robert Moore , to Android Issues

Posted on Jul 09, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )

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