Unfortunately App Has Stopped in Android Phone - 6 Top Ways

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How often do we experience the app crash and see an error that an app has unfortunately stopped working? It is common, right? There will be some issues on Android phones no matter how advanced the technology is.

Many users have reported that the issue "Unfortunately app has stopped" in Android phone. You don't have to worry anymore if you see this message because we have found out the top ways to fix Android app stopped working error. In this latest article, we will give the reasons for this error in addition to the top ways for fixing it. 

Part 1. Reasons Why Apps Stopped on Android Devices

Let us see the possible reasons for this error on your device. 

  • One of the main reasons for this error could be a data crash. Due to this, an app or Android OS stops working suddenly. The app may also restart on its own. This can be because of unstable internet connection on your device, either your mobile carrier data or the Wi-Fi connection.

  • If you have not cleared an app cache for a long time, you can encounter the Android app stopped working error.

  • Incomplete installation of an app can also cause it to crash abruptly.

  • There is no specific reason for this error to occur. So it is important to check all the settings of your device and troubleshoot it to fix this error.

  • Unknown software errors may also cause this issue.

Part 2. The Prerequisite for This Fixing

Before we move on to the top solutions for fixing this error, you need to understand the importance of backing up your device.

The backup of your device data allows you to restore it when you accidentally lose it while fixing any of the Android issues.

Step 1: Go to Settings -> Backup & Reset.

Step 2: Under Google Backup & Reset, choose Back up my data.

Step 3: Toggle on the Backups option.

Step 4: Add your Google account for saving the content of your device.


Part 3. Top 6 Methods to Fix App Has Stopped Unfortunately in Android Phone

Once you complete the back up of your Android phone, try these methods for fixing this error.

Method 1. Use Professional Third-Party Software

Here we will introduce the most popular one way to you. If you are not sure about the reason, then you'd better choose a professional tool such as iMyFone Fixppo for Android. This advanced tool is capable of fixing all types of system issues within minutes. 

  • Designed with the latest technology, this program can fix all Android system issues.

  • It has a 100%  success rate when it comes to repairing Android issues.

  • It also has the fastest repairing rate among its competitors.

  • Thousands of Android phones and tablets are supported.

Read on to find how you can use this tool for fixing this issue in simple clicks.

Step 1: First, download and install Fixppo for Android on the computer.

Step 2: Open the program and click on the Start button on the Home page. Enter the correct device details and select the options carefully and click Download Firmware. The firmware will be downloaded and the software will be extracted automatically.


Step 3: Using the USB cable, connect your device to your computer. Put the device in Download mode before starting to fix the problem. After the phone is in Download mode, the program will start the fixing process. 


This advanced tool is trusted by millions of professional websites and users across the world. You can use this tool even if you don't have any knowledge of Android technology.


Method 2. Clear the Cache of that App

Most of the time, the cache files affect the functioning of an app. Clearing it may solve this problem.

Step 1: Open Settings -> Application.

Step 2: Select Manage Apps and then choose the "All" tab.

Step 3: From the list, select the app that stopped working.

Step 4: Now tap Clear data and cache option. 


Method 3. Close & Restart that App

The issue also gets solved when you exit and then restart the app after a few minutes.

Step 1: Tap the Home button and exit the app.

Step 2: Now long-press the Home button. In the Recent apps screen, close the problematic app. 

Step 3: After a few minutes, open the app. 

Method 4. Update that App to Latest

Always you need to make sure that all the apps on your device are updated to the latest version for having a smooth experience on Android.

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store.

Step 2: Tap on three lines and then select My apps & games.

Step 3: The entire list of downloaded apps will be shown.

Step 4: Select the problematic app and update it to the latest version.


Method 5. Restart Android Devices

On restarting, all the functions and processes will start afresh on the device.

Step 1: Press and hold the Power button.

Step 2: You will see multiple options. Tap on Restart. The device will restart automatically.


Method 6. Factory Reset Your Android Device

Are you still facing the same Android app stopped working issue? Try to factory reset your device and then check. Please note that this method will definitely erase all your current data.

Step 1: Go to Settings -> System -> Advanced.

Step 2: Tap on Reset. Select Factory data reset or Erase All Data -> Reset Phone.

Step 3: Tap Erase Everything if you want to erase data from the device's internal storage. Now reset your device.



This "Unfortunately app has stopped in Android phone" problem is a very common issue with no specific reason for it. But the methods given in this article will help you fix the issue quickly. Check all the methods carefully and keep trying until your issue gets solved. If there is something you want to let us know, use the comment section below.


By  Robert Moore , to Android Issues

Posted on Jul 29, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )

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