5 Ways to Fix Devices Stuck on Samsung Logo after Odin Flash

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An Odin Flash may be one of the most trusted ways to install custom firmware on your device. Yet, the process can be quite complicated and as such there are some problems that can arise when it is not done correctly. If your Samsung device is stuck on the logo after an Odin flash, you are not alone in this dilemma. 

We have received numerous emails from our readers detailing several problems after an Odin Flash. One of the most common issues they described is a device that is stuck on the logo.

In this situation, the device may be completely unresponsive, making it very difficult to troubleshoot with ordinary methods. In this article, we are going to go through some of the most effective solutions to this problem.

Part 1. 4 Common Things to Do When Device Stuck on Samsung Logo after Odin Flash

The following are just some of the things you can try to fix a device that is stuck on the Samsung Logo after an Odin flash basically.

1. Force Reboot Your Samsung

A minor glitch in the system can cause problems like this one. These problems can be hardware or software glitch and the easiest way to eliminate these glitches is to force reboot the device.

To do this for your Samsung device, hold down the Volume down and Power button together for about 15 seconds until the device restarts. If the device boots successfully, then the problem is fixed. If not, try the next solution.


2. Remove and Plug the Battery Back

If your device still cannot turn on even after a reboot, it may be a good idea to remove the battery from the device (if it is removable), wait a few seconds and then put it back in the device. If you have access to another battery for the device, switch batteries to see if the device will power on.


3. Wipe Cache Partition

The main reason why your device may be stuck the Samsung logo after an Odin flash is that the previous firmware may have been corrupted. To remove the old firmware files that could cause the issue, just follow these simple steps to wipe the cache partition.

Step 1: Turn off the device if it is not already off. Press and hold the Home, Volume up Key and the Power key at the same time.

Step 2: When the Samsung Logo appears on the screen, release the power key, but keep holding the other two keys.

Step 3: Release them when the Android logo appears on the screen and let the device rest for about 30 to 60 seconds.

Step 4: Now use the Volume Down key to choose "Wipe Cache Partition" and press the power key button to select it.

Step 5: When the device completes wiping the cache partition, highlight "reboot system now" to allow the device to reboot in normal mode.


4. Factory Reset Samsung in Recovery Mode

If all the above solutions don't work, you should try performing a factory reset in recovery mode. This will remove all settings and data on the device.

Step 1: Turn off the device and then enter recovery mode using the combination of keys we used in the section above.

Step 2: Once in recovery mode, use the Volume down key to select "Factory Reset" in the menu.

Step 3: Confirm the action using the power key and once the reset is complete, restart it and restore a previously created backup.


Before checking the most effective way to fix this issue, we would like to show you the differences between the above 4 methods and the next one. Just read on to find more details.

What Issues Can Be Fixed
Success Rate
Operating Difficulty
Required Time
Force Reboot
A few software issues
Remove Battery
Only battery issues
Wipe Cache Partition
Some software issues
Factory Reset Samsung
All software issues
All system/software issues

Part 2. Fix & Prevent Device Stuck on Samsung Logo after Odin Flash Once and For All

You may be successful in fixing the device but you still want to install custom firmware on your device. To avoid the problems Odin may cause, it is a good idea to choose a solution that is easier to use and much more reliable.

The best solution to help you flash your Samsung device easily and quickly is iMyFone Fixppo for Android. The following are some of the features that make Fixppo for Android a great investment: 

It is primarily used to repair Android firmware/system issues, which means that when you use it to flash custom firmware, you are unlikely to experience any problems including this one.

  • It is easy to use because there are no special procedures to learn when trying to flash the device.

  • It supports thousands of Android devices and all Samsung devices including the Samsung Galaxy S10.

  • It also supports all versions of Android including Android 9.0 pie.

  • It offers a 100% success rate for repairing Android system issues.

Step 1: Download and install Fixppo for Android on your computer, launch the program and then click "Start" to begin. You will then be required to provide information about the device to allow the program to download the necessary firmware. Once you are certain the data entered is correct, click "Download Firmware".


Step 2: When the firmware has been downloaded and extracted, connect the device to the computer and then click "Start". Take a moment to ensure that the information you provided about the device is correct before putting the device in download mode. If you don't know how to put your device in download mode, Fixppo for Android provides the step-by-step guideline to do it.


Step 3: Once the device is in download mode Fixppo for Android will install the firmware on to the device and fix any system issues on your device. Keep the device connected to the computer until the process is complete.


When the device restarts, it will be free of any issues and running the firmware you desire. In addition, this tool has already been trusted by a lot of professional media sites.


Comparison between Odin and Fixppo for Android

The two methods can both allow you to flash custom software on to the device. But the two are vastly different. Here's how they compare: 

Success Rate
Operating Difficulty
Very complex
Required Time
Very long
More Features
Fix all system/software issues
  • Odin is a reliable but very complicated to use for most beginners while Fixppo for Android presents a simple solution that works very quickly.

  • When used incorrectly, Odin can cause various problems on the device, some of which may be impossible to fix. In contrast, Fixppo for Android is primarily used to repair the Android system and will remove some corrupt settings and data that could cause problems during the flashing process.

  • To use Odin, you must find and download the firmware manually. With Fixppo for Android, the program does it for you further simplifying the process.


The above solutions can all help fix a device that is stuck on the Samsung logo after an Odin Flash. Learn each method carefully and choose one that works for your situation. Let us know in the comments section below if you were able to repair this issue on your device.


By  Robert Moore , to Android Issues

Posted on Aug 27, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )

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