Samsung Tablet Won’t Turn on or Charge? 8 Efficient Ways Here

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When it comes to your devices, you may want to make sure that they're going to work when you need them. If you can't turn them on or charge them, that must be an annoying thing. So what should you do if your Samsung tablet won't turn on? You need to know several different ways then. That's what we're going to help you here and several different tips will help you out.

Part 1. Why Samsung Tablets Won't Turn on or Charge

First, we should take a look at the reasons why your Samsung tablet won't charge or won't turn on. In this section, we'll give you a basic list of what could the problem is and why your Samsung Galaxy tablet won't turn on or charge. Later, we'll talk about what you should do to try to fix the problem fast.

  • The battery is dead and has no power.

  • The software or operating system has become corrupted.

  • The device itself is dirty or clogged with dirt.

  • The hardware itself or some of the components are broken.

  • Some unknown errors.

Part 2. 5 Solutions to Solve Samsung Tablet Won't Turn on

When it comes to fixing the problem with your device, it depends on just what the problem actually is. If it's something minor, it's likely going to be a snap to get it back working again. If it's something major, you need to put more work into it or you may need to get some help with.

When to Choose
Success Rate
Operating Difficulty
Required Time
Charge the Samsung Tablet
There is no battery
Encounter all software issues
Check the Screen
Only screen issues
Factory Reset in Recovery Mode
Encounter some software issues
Enter Safe Mode
Encounter some software issues

Solution 1. Charge It to Check Whether it Can be Turned on

The easiest option is to charge it up and check whether it can be turned on then.

Step 1: Plug the device into the wall charger.

Step 2: Plug the wall charger into the wall outlet. Make sure the wall outlet is powered on.

Step 3: Wait 5-10 minutes to see if the device is able to be powered on while plugged in.


Solution 2. Fix Samsung Tablet Won't Turn on via All-in-One Software

Most of the time, this issue will be caused by some software-related error. So the basic checks or fixes will not help you at all. Now it is time to depend on an all-in-one software like iMyFone Fixppo for Android which is designed to repair all Android system issues.

  • Do not worry about its compatibility, because all Samsung phones and tablets are supported well.

  • There is no need for you to learn knowledge about technology because it is very simple to use.

  • It stands out among all Android system repair tools due to the highest repair rate in this field.

  • It is really trustworthy because many professional websites have recommended it.

Step 1: Download and install it on your computer. Then run it and click the Start button to continue.

Step 2: Select all the correct details about your device and begin to download the proper firmware.


Step 3: After downloading, connect your Android to the software. Once your device is recognized, the fix will start automatically. Please make sure that the device is connected during the process.


Solution 3. Check the Samsung Tablet Screen

It's possible that your device is actually powering on and working but there's a problem with the screen. If the screen isn't working, it may appear dark and you won't even know whether the device is on or not. If there is something wrong with the screen, you need to go to the official repair store to change a new one.

Call or message the device to see if it makes an audible sound. If there is a sound it means the device is on but the screen is broken.

Solution 4. Factory Reset Your Samsung Tablet

If you can't get the device to work, you can reset it entirely in order to get back to the factory settings and fix a problem you can't see. If that's the case you will lose all of the information and data you have stored on the device, unless you've done a backup before.

Step 1: Press and hold both the power button and the volume down button. The Android logo will appear. Choose "Recovery Mode" by the volume buttons to move up and down and confirm to select it by clicking the power button.

Step 2: Hold the Power button down and press "Volume Up". Then choose the "Factory Reset" option by clicking the power button.

Step 3: Confirm by selecting "Yes" when prompted to erase data.


Solution 5. Put Samsung Tablet in Safe Mode

If you want to start up your device with it in safe mode to make sure there are no problems happening in the main version, you can do this quite easily.

Step 1: Press and hold the power button to turn the device on normally.

Step 2: Once the logo appears on the screen press and hold the volume down button.

Step 3: Hold the button until the safe mode icon appears.


Part 3. 3 Solutions to Solve Samsung Tablet Won't Charge

If you're having trouble with charging your device, it could mean that there's a major problem involved. Charging your device is essential for being able to do anything with it.

Solution 1. Clean Dirt & Dust from the Port

If the port gets dirt or debris in it then the cord won't be able to connect properly and that means power doesn't flow into the device the way it should. The best thing you can do is to try cleaning out the port to see if anything is inside.

Step 1: Get a can of condensed air.

Step 2: Spray the connector port of the device with condensed air from at least 6 inches away.

Step 3: Plug the device into the wall charger and plug it into the wall. Check whether it is fixed now.

Solution 2. Check Battery on Your Samsung Tablet

There are chances that the battery itself could be the problem when the charger that you're using is working the way it should. If that's the case, there could be a bigger problem.

Step 1: Plug the device into the wall charger.

Step 2: Plug the wall charger into the wall outlet. Make sure the wall outlet is powered on.

Step 3: Wait 5-10 minutes to see if the device is able to be powered on while plugged in.

Step 4: Check if the battery light is flashing or if a battery image shows on screen. If there is no light or image, it means there is a problem.


Solution 3. Check for Hardware issues

There's always the possibility that there is a hardware problem with your device. Checking things like the power cord and the port could be an important step in this part of the process.

Step 1: Plug the device into a wall outlet using a different wall block or cord. If the new block or cord works the old one was the problem.

Step 2: Try using the wall block or cord to charge a different device. If the cord works on a different device, there are problems with the device.

If there is something wrong with the hardware, then you must go to the Samsung support center. Please keep your device and all the components near you when you call.

Part 4. Keep Data Safe on Your Samsung Tablet Regularly after Fixing

The above solutions should help you get your device powered back on, but some methods may affect your device data. If you aren't backup up your device constantly, you will run the risk of losing something if your tablet suddenly stops working. With a proper backup, you'll always be able to get back them at any time you want.  So we really hope you can make the backup of your device as a routine after fixing this issue.

Step 1: Select "Apps" and then choose "Settings".

Step 2: On the menu choose "Personal" and then "Backup and Reset".

Step 3: Choose the option to "Back Up My Data".



Take a close look at each of these different methods and make sure you have a few that you prefer to try when needed. You never know when you might have trouble with your Samsung tablet, so make sure you know what you need to do if anything happens. If you've ever had this type of problem with your device, just let us know in the comments below.


By  Robert Moore , to Android Issues

Posted on Jun 26, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )

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