[Solved] Samsung Pay is Not Working? Top 7 Solutions Here

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Today, most of the Samsung devices come equipped with the Samsung Pay app out of the box. Samsung Pay is nothing but a mobile wallet that is developed to replace the plastic credit or debit cards that you use. This service is available in many countries and it has been a boon for the majority of the people.

But any kind of issue can occur on Android devices. If you are happily using Samsung Pay and suddenly it stops working when you want to make a payment urgently, then you aren't alone. Many users have reported about Samsung Pay not working issue on their Samsung devices.


In this post, we will talk about the reasons why it is not working and then we will give you some top solutions to easily fix this error.

Part 1. Why Is Samsung Pay Not Working?

When you suddenly realize that Samsung Pay is not working on your device, you must be wondering what the reasons for this issue are. Here are some common ones.

  • On a new device, the app's pre-loaded version will show that an update is available, but users are unable to install the update. 

  • Sometimes the Samsung Pay app in the Play Store has a message that this app is not compatible.

  • Some users who recently bought Galaxy S10 have been facing the app's incompatibility issue.

  • Often the Samsung Pay will not work when credit card details are incorrect.

  • Some unknown system errors occur on the device.

Part 2. The Best Solution to Fix Samsung Pay is Not Working with System Errors

Regardless of the reason for this error, the solution given here will easily fix it in no time. The best way is to use iMyFone Fixppo for Android for fixing Samsung Pay not working issue on your device.

  • Fixppo for Android is a powerful tool that can be used to fix all kinds of Android system issues.

  • This tool is compatible with all Samsung phones and tablets.

  • It has the quickest repairing rate and a 100%  success rate when compared with other competitors.

The steps that are given below are really simple to follow for fixing this Android issue on your Samsung device.

Step 1: Open Fixppo for Android on the computer and click on the Start button on its home page. Before you can fix this issue, you will need to download the appropriate firmware version. For doing that, enter the Samsung device details and choose all the options correctly. Now click Download Firmware.


Step 2: Next connect your device to the computer. You need to put the device in download mode before starting to fix the problem.


Step 3: When the device enters the download mode, all the Android issues including Samsung Pay not working issue will be solved by the program. Your device will restart after the process gets over.


Don't hesitate to download the free version of Fixppo for Android if you are facing any system issue on your Samsung device. This tool is trusted by millions of users and websites worldwide.


Part 3. 6 Other Basic Solutions to Fix Samsung Pay Is Not Working

You can also try these basic solutions for fixing this issue on your Android device. We need to inform you that these methods are simple but the success rate is relatively low. 

Solution 1. Restart Your Samsung Device

The basic thing you can do is to restart your device so that memory issues, which may be preventing the app to work, can be fixed. 

Step 1: Press and hold the Power button.

Step 2: You will see multiple options. Tap on Restart. Then the device will restart automatically.


Solution 2. Remove & Add the Credit Card Again from Samsung Pay 

If any particular credit card is the reason, removing it from Samsung Pay and adding it back may solve this issue on your device. 

Step 1: Open Samsung Pay on your device and tap the credit/debit card option.

Step 2: Choose the card that you need to delete and tap "More option" and choose Delete Card.

Step 3: After a few seconds, add it back.


Solution 3. Reset Samsung Pay

Whenever there is an issue with the specific app, you can reset the app from the Settings of your device and fix the issue. This can be done by clearing the app data.

Step 1: Go to Settings -> Application Manager.

Step 2: Choose Samsung Pay.

Step 3: Tap Storage and then tap Clear Data for resetting the app.


Solution 4. Update Samsung OS to the Latest 

Outdated firmware on the device also might be the reason for Samsung Pay not working issue because payment apps need suitable firmware for running properly. Update the Android OS to the latest version and then check if the app is working or not. 

Step 1: Go to Settings -> About phone.

Step 2: Tap on System update. Your device will start checking for new software updates.

Step 3: If available, tap on Update.


Solution 5. Check Date & Time Settings

Date & time setting is very important when you use payment apps on your device. Change the date and time of your device and then check whether Samsung Pay is working properly.

Step 1: Go to Settings -> Date and Time.

Step 2: Slide to enable Automatic date and time.


Solution 6. Contact Samsung Support Center

When none of the methods has helped in fixing the issue, contact Samsung support center to check the hardware. Explain everything clearly to them and ask for solutions. If the issue doesn't get solved and the device is in warranty, they may also replace the device.


It can be annoying to encounter Samsung Pay not working issue when you are looking to pay urgently. In this article, we have given all the possible solutions for fixing this issue. Feel free to try Fixppo for Android if you want to fix the issue quickly and safely. Ask us your queries related to Android issues by commenting below.


By  Robert Moore , to Android Issues

Posted on Aug 16, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )

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