Tips & Tricks on Samsung Galaxy Red Light Stays on

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The notification light blinks and lets you know when you receive a new notification. It is a great feature of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. But some people are annoyed by a strange problem with the notification light. One of our readers wrote:

"I love notification light on my phone. Whenever the light blinks, it gives me an indication that there is a new message or mail or even a missed call. But now my Samsung Galaxy red light stays on even though it is not kept on charge or there is no new notification. This is strange for me and I have limited knowledge about Android OS and hardware. Can you give me an effective solution for it?"

According to them, their Samsung Galaxy red light stays on even without any notification. If you also encountered this strange issue on your device, you can learn more about this issue and its fixes in this latest article.

Part 1. What Does Red Light on Samsung Mean?

Before we tell you the reasons for this issue and methods to fix the error, you need to know what does red light on your device mean.

The LED indicator on your device displays different colors depending on the type of notification you receive. The red LED notification light is for charging purpose.

  • When the red light is glowing, the phone is connected to the charger and it is charging.

  • When the red light is blinking, the device is connected to the charger but it is not charging. This also happens when your device is low on battery. 

Part 2. Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy Red Light Stays on

There some common reason for this issue:

  • Some users say that the issue is caused because of moisture near the notification light.

  • Many users think that there may be a setting on the device that is responsible for this issue.

  • Some unknown software errors may probably cause this issue.

Part 3. How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Red Light Stays on 

There are multiple methods that can easily fix this issue on your device regardless of the reason for it.

Method 1. Change Charging Equipment

The red light may stay on because of charging issues on your device. Try changing the equipment you use for charging and check if the issue gets solved.

First, change the charging cable and check. If the issue persists, also change the adaptor. Make sure you only use an original adaptor and USB cable.


Method 2. Restart Your Samsung Galaxy

Restart your device and check if the issue gets solved. 

Step 1: Press and hold the Power button.

Step 2: Multiple options will be displayed. Tap on Restart. The device will restart automatically.


Method 3. Factory Reset Your Samsung Galaxy

When you factory reset your device, all the settings will be reset to factory defaults.

Step 1: Open Settings -> Backup & reset.

Step 2: Tap on Factory data reset.


Method 4. The Best Way - Rely on Professional Samsung Galaxy System Repair Software

If the issue persists even after trying the above methods, you need to use an advanced Android OS repair tool.  

Fixppo for Android tool is developed by iMyFone, which is one of the most popular and advanced companies in the world. This software has a 100% success rate and the fastest repairing rate among its competitors.

You don't need to have any technical knowledge to use Fixppo for Android because it is very simple. Also, it has already been trusted and recommended by more and more media sites.


By following the simple steps given below, you can quickly and safely fix this issue on your Samsung.

Step 1: Launch Fixppo for Android on your computer and click on the Start button on its home page. You need to download the relevant firmware version before fixing this issue. Enter your Samsung Galaxy device details and choose all the options correctly. Now click Download Firmware.


Step 2: Now, connect your device to the computer. Put the device in Download mode before starting to fix the issue. The steps for putting in the download mode will be shown on the screen.


Step 3: As soon as the device is in download mode, all other Samsung issues along with this issue will be fixed. Don't disconnect the device or use it until the fixing process gets finished. Once the process gets over, your Samsung Galaxy device will restart.


You don't have to waste your time by trying all methods to fix any of this Samsung issue. Just try the free version of Fixppo for Android now and fix this issue within a few minutes.

Part 4. Review of the Above 4 Methods

Here you can have a brief view of all the methods in the comparison table.

What Can Be Solved
Success Rate
Operating Difficulty
Required Time
Change Charging Equipment
Only charging equipment  issues
Restart Samsung Galaxy
A few software issues
Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy
Some software issues
All system/software issues


Fixppo for Android is an advanced solution for fixing the Samsung galaxy red light stays on issue. Follow the steps carefully and make sure you back up the device data before proceeding. You can ask your queries in the comment section below.


By  Robert Moore , to Android Issues

Posted on Aug 22, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )

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