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Often the Samsung smartphone users want to update their device to the latest OS version or want to revert to the original stock ROM, but they cannot find the official way to download the firmware. Now, this is possible to make it by using a Samsung firmware download tool. The firmware can be downloaded directly and you don't need to search online anymore.

In this article, we will give multiple ways using which you can get the relevant firmware for your Samsung device. 

Here is the comparison table for you.

Operating Difficulty
Required Time
Basic Feature
More Features
Download firmware
Flash Samsung device
Download firmware
Download firmware
Download firmware

Option 1. The Safest & Best Samsung Firmware Free Download Tool

First, let us see the best tool for downloading Samsung firmware updates for your device. The easiest and safest Samsung firmware download tool would be iMyFone Fixppo for Android. It is professionally developed to fix all kinds of Android system issues such as black/white screen issue, frozen Samsung, system not responding, device stuck in recovery mode, boot loop, etc.

  • Without any knowledge of Android technology, you can use Fixppo for Android and fix all the Android system issues.

  • You can use this tool with a 100% success rate and the fastest repairing rate.

  • All Samsung phones and tablets are well supported.

  • The free trial version and free support will be provided.

  • Fixppo for Android is trusted by many users and professional websites worldwide.


It is very simple to use this tool, so just follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Open Fixppo for Android on your computer. On the Home page, click on the Start button. For fixing any kind of Android issue, you need to download the appropriate firmware version by entering the device details in the next step. The firmware will be downloaded and the software will be extracted automatically. If the information is correct, click on Start.


Step 2: Now connect your device to the computer. You have to put the device in Download mode before starting the fixing process. Follow the steps on-screen then.


Step 3: When the device is in the Download Mode, all the issues in your Android device will be fixed automatically by the Fixppo for Android. Don't use the device and keep your device connected to the computer until the process gets over, else it may be bricked.


Option 2. Use SamFirm to Download Samsung Firmware

You can use SamFirm for downloading Samsung firmware for your device. This tool offers a free download of the Samsung firmware that was released by Samsung. You can also get the firmware specific to your region and network. You just need to enter the region code and the device details while using this tool.

Step 1: First, download the latest version of SamFirm on your computer.

Step 2: When you unzip the downloaded folder, you will see multiple files in it. Run SamFirm.exe to run the tool and for searching the firmware for your device.

Step 3: Next, you need to fill all the details such as the model number of your device and region code. Click on the "Auto" to check it and then click "Check Update" for finding the latest firmware.

Step 4: Once the firmware is found, click on the Download button. This will download the file on the computer.


Please note that this tool can only help you download the firmware. So after extracting the folder on the desktop, you must use a flash tool for installing the update to your device.

Option 3. Use Updato to Download Samsung Firmware

Another firmware download tool is Updato. The Updato allows you to download any firmware for your Samsung for free.

You just need to provide the model number of the device to find the latest update for your device. One of the most important benefits of using Updato is that there is neither download restrictions nor speed restrictions. All the firmware versions are the latest and updated one.


Option 4. Use Sammobile to Download Samsung Firmware

Another way to download the firmware is by using Sammobile. It is an updated tool that is designed for Windows PC and it can be used to download firmware for free and for any Samsung device.

Before downloading the firmware from Sammobile, check the region and make sure that you are downloading the suitable file for your device. You just need to enter the model number and search for the firmware you need.



With all the above four tools, you will find and download the exact firmware update you want for your Samsung device. But only Fixppo for Android can help you directly flash the firmware if you need. Don't forget to share this article with your friends and family. If you encounter any difficulties, please let us know in the comment section below.  


By  Robert Moore , to Android Issues

Posted on Jul 30, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )

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