[Best Alternative] Odin Fail- Odin Stuck on Setup Connection

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Odin fail issue occurs specifically on Android devices as this software is used only by Android for flashing devices. It is also used for introducing custom firmware and ROMs. Some users enter Odin mode when they want to flash their phones, but some enter it accidentally.

Odin mode is also called Download mode and it occurs when you press Volume down, home and power button simultaneously. Odin mode is used when flashing the ROM on your device. When you get to the Odin mode screen, you will see two options, "Continue" on pressing the volume up button and "Cancel" on pressing the volume down button. On pressing Continue, you will be able to flash the device and on pressing Cancel, you can exit the Odin mode. But when you are not able to exit the Odin mode on pressing the volume down button, you will encounter the Odin fail issue.

As we said, many users have experienced this problem. Let's see one query that was asked by a user on online forums.


Hi. I need help from you guys. I wanted to flash my Samsung Galaxy S7 that was running on Oreo OS. But Odin keeps getting stuck on setup. I have searched solutions everywhere on the internet, but couldn't find any correct solution for it. How should I fix it? Many thanks in advance!

Part 1. Do You Really Need Odin Mode?

Why do you use Odin? Odin mode is used only for rooting your phone and flashing new firmware in it. When the device is in Odin mode, it gets in touch with the Odin program and allows you to flash the firmware or software for adding a new program. By using the Odin mode, you can fix some software issues on your device that couldn't have been possible normally. 

While Odin screen cannot be exited easily, the Odin fails problem occurs and you are stuck on Odin mode screen. Many users have said that Odin stuck on setup connection and asked for solutions for this issue. If you are also facing this issue, then follow the methods given in this article.

Part 2. The Best Alternative to Odin Mode

Instead of Odin mode, you can use iMyFone Fixppo for Android OS repair tool which is more effective than the Odin mode. For fixing all Android system issues, many people have been using Fixppo for Android. It is a professional OS repair tool that is developed to fix issues like phone stuck on recovery mode, boot loop or black /white screen, phone freezing, etc.

  • It is designed using the latest technology, thus, most of Android system issues can be fixed.

  • With the 100% success rate of repairing, you can fix the issues on your Android within minutes.

  • It has been trusted  by many professional websites world wide, so it is safe to use this tool.


In this section, you will learn how to use Fixppo for Android as an alternative to Odin mode.

Step 1: Open Fixppo for Android on the computer and click on Start on the Home page. 


Step 2: Now give your device details and select the options accordingly and click Download Firmware. The firmware will be downloaded automatically by the program once you give the details. Check if the displayed device information is correct.


Step 3: Next, connect your device to the computer. You need to put the device be in "Download Mode" before you start fixing this issue. Once the phone enters the Download mode, the fixing process will start. Once the process is over, the phone will restart, fixing all Android issues.


Neither the phone should be used nor disconnected from the computer until the fixing process gets over, else the device can get bricked.

Why Choose iMyFone Fixppo for Android instead of Odin Mode?

When you use Odin for flashing the device, you need some specialized knowledge about Android technology. But for using Fixppo for Android, you don't need any technical knowledge. If you use Odin mode, you need to find the firmware on your own. But with Fixppo for Android, all you need to do is only 3 clicks.


Odin Mode is a great tool for flashing the device, but when it fails or if there is any issue while using Odin, you may not do normal boot on your device. Then you can use Fixppo for Android which comes with the 100% success rate in repairing and will not cause any other issues. If you want to know more about this topic, write your questions down below in the comment section.


By  Robert Moore , to Android Issues

Posted on Jul 29, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )

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