The Best Method of How to Use the Odin 2020

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If you have customized your Samsung device, you may have likely used a tool called Odin. Odin has been a great tool for many users as it has allowed them to customize your Samsung devices to a great extent. At the same time, the tool has also helped a lot of users to fix your bricked devices.

Even though Odin is a popular tool and a lot of users use it, there are still some people who have no idea what the tool is and how you can use it to flash files to your Samsung Android device. If you are one of those users and you would like to learn more about Odin and how to use Odin, the following guide will help you out greatly.


Part 1: What is Odin?

Before you take a look at how the tool works, you may want to know exactly what the tool is. Odin is a software that works on Windows computers and allows you to flash various types of files to your Android-based Samsung device.

There are a lot of file types that you can flash using the Odin tool on your Samsung device. You can flash custom firmware, custom kernels, custom files, custom recoveries, and even stock firmwares to your device.

The tool does not work on Mac and Linux, though, so you may want to borrow your friend's PC if you would like to use the tool and you do not already have a working Windows machine.

Part 2: Where Can you Download Odin to Flash your Samsung Device

Now that you know what the Odin tool is, you may want to know where you can grab a copy of the tool for yourself. Well, a lot of websites that offer you a free download of the tool and you can use any of those to get the tool on your machine.

A simple search on Google will yield many websites from where you can download the tool for your computer. Or you can use a website like this to get the tool for yourself.

Part 3: How to Use Odin to Fix your Samsung Device

If you have downloaded the tool from your favorite site on your computer, the next step is to use the tool to flash the stock firmware on your Samsung device. A stock firmware is the stock operating system that you can flash and use on your device. It is the OS that came preloaded on your device when you bought the device.

Several sites that let you download the stock firmware for your devices. One of these popular sites is SamFirmware. Head over there and download the firmware for your device. Then, follow the following instructions to fix your Samsung device with Odin.

  • Turn off your Samsung device using the Power button.

  • When your device turns off, press and hold down the Volume Down, Home, and Power buttons at the same time. Your device will reboot into the Samsung download mode.

  • Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. Launch the Odin tool by double-clicking on its icon on your computer.

  • In the Odin tool, click on the button that says PDA and chooses the stock firmware file you have earlier downloaded to your computer.

  • Click on Start in the tool and it will start flashing the stock firmware on your device.


When the firmware is flashed on your device, reboot your device. You will find that your Samsung device is now unbricked and is working as it is supposed to.

Part 4: An Easy and Safe Way to Save Your Samsung Device

If you would notice, the above method requires you to first research the firmware for your device and then use some complex steps to flash the stock firmware using Odin on your device.

If you are not a technical person and you would rather avoid the hassle of finding the firmware and then flashing it on your device, you are highly recommended to use a dedicated repair app for Android devices.

Enter Fixppo for Android, a software that allows you to easily flash the stock firmware and fix all the issues you have on your Android-based Samsung device. The software takes care of the firmware download so you do not need to. All you need to do is enter your device details and you are good to go.

  • Simple to use-only 3 clicks are needed.

  • It is trusted by many individuals and websites.

  • Highest recovery rate-100% works for Android OS issues.

  • Full compatibility-all Samsung phones and tablets are supported.

  • No technical knowledge needed-user-friendly interface on the software.


Step 1. Download the software and install it on your computer. Open the software and click on the Start button.


Step 2. Enter your device details using the input fields and click on the Download Firmware button. It will download the stock firmware for your device


Step 3. Put your phone into the download mode using the on-screen instructions, connect your phone to your computer, and click on Start in the software.


Step 4. The software will begin repairing your device by flashing the stock firmware on the device. It should take a couple of minutes to do the task. When the firmware is fully flashed, your Android operating system will get fixed automatically by the program.



If you would like to learn how to make the most out of the Odin tool on your computer in 2019, the above guide will teach you how to use the tool to fix your Samsung devices. It also shows an alternative tool should you wish to use it for your tasks.


By  Miller Walton , to Android Issues

Posted on Aug 14, 2019  ( Updated: Feb 12, 2020 )

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