[Fixed] Top 9 Ways to Fix Home Button Not Working on Android

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Have you started to notice problems with the home button not working Android? If that's the case, you definitely need to figure out a solution. You know that you can't really do a whole lot with your device if you're not able to use that primary button. But what are you going to do?

Luckily, there are several different things that you can do and you'll find that most of them are really simple. You'll be able to execute them without any additional knowledge and not a lot of time.

Why Home Button Cannot Work on My Android

Before we get into the options for how you can actually fix the problem, let's take a closer look at what the problem might actually be. There are a number of different reasons that you could be having trouble with the home button and we're going to list them out so you can have a good idea of what you might need to fix.

  • You just replaced the screen

  • Your device needs an operating system update

  • Software malfunction

  • Unknown error

Top 4 Ways to Fix Home Button Not Working on Android

Now it's time to actually start doing something to fix it. After all, knowing the problem isn't going to take care of it. You're going to follow some of these steps for that. In fact, we have a few different options that you can try to fix the problem and the ways are something advanced in this part.

Way 1. Fix Home Button Not Working on Android with Android Repair Tool

If you have encountered this issue, there might be something wrong with the software. In order to prevent from going out find a repair shop, you can try an Android system repair tool at home to solve this issue all by yourself.

This tool is iMyFone Fixppo for Android which has been designed to fix various Android issues like white screen, the device cannot turn on, dead Android, stuck on boot screen and more.

  • It has been trusted by many professional websites.

  • It has been designed with the most advanced technology in its field.

  • It has the highest success rate for repairing Android problems.

  • It offers the fastest repairing speed.

  • There is no need to have specialized knowledge of Android.

Here are the simple steps on how to fix this issue with Fixppo for Android.

Step 1Download and install this tool on your computer, and then click the Start button.


Step 2 Select the proper device information according to your own device. Then you can click the Download Firmware button.


Step 3The program will automatically start to download and extract the firmware for your device then.


Step 4If you have confirmed the details are right, you can truly begin to fix this issue. Now connect your device to the computer and follow the on-screen instructions to enter your Android in "download mode".


Step 5Once your tablet or phone has gone into download mode, then the fixing process will operate automatically. Wait for the repairing process completes and this issue will get fixed them.


Many professional websites have also recommended it, so do not hesitate to have a try.


Way 2. Wipe Cache Partition on Android

There may be some unneeded information stored on your device and is slowing down the device itself. The cache is where this information stored and if you don't clear it occasionally, it can affect other areas of the device. The process to wipe the cache requires you to enter the recovery mode of your device and then select to wipe the partition.

Step 1: Turn off your device. Press and hold both the power button and the volume down button to turn the phone on in recovery mode.

Step 2: Hold the buttons until Android System Recovery appears on your screen.

Step 3: Use the volume buttons to choose 'recovery'.

Step 4: Choose the 'wipe cache partition'.

Step 5: Use the power button to select and confirm that you want to wipe cache with the power button.


Way 3. Reset Android in Recovery Mode

If you're looking for a way to open up your device in the recovery mode and make sure that the problem isn't something happening within the boot sequence it's a relatively simple process. You just need to pay closer attention while your device is powering on so you can initiate this step.

Step 1: Power off your device. Press and hold both the power button and the volume down button to turn the phone on in recovery mode.

Step 2: Hold the buttons until Android Recovery appears on your screen.

Step 3: Use the volume buttons to choose the 'factory reset'.


Way 4. Factory Reset Your Android

If you're really not able to get that home button to work and you want to make sure that you're doing everything you can you should perform a factory reset. This is going to shut down everything on your device and get rid of it. You'll lose all of your data and information, so hopefully, you have a backup already.

Step 1: Open the settings on your device and choose 'backup & reset'.

Step 2: Choose 'factory data reset' and select 'reset phone'.

Step 3: Enter your password to open the device and then choose 'erase everything'.


5 Ways to Access Android with Broken Home Button via Apps

Okay, so maybe you have managed to get in or maybe you didn't. If you haven't, you're going to need a method for accessing your device even without using the home button. Luckily, there are several different options that involve using some of your apps.

1. Simple Control

This app is actually a type of external softkey app that will help you to get access to your device without having to use the home button. You're going to need to have the app downloaded through the Google Play store in order for it to work, however.

Step 1: Download 'Simple Control' to your device.

Step 2: Open Settings on your device.

Step 3: Choose 'accessibility'.

Step 4: Choose 'simple control'. Turn on the app.


2. Navigation Bar

Do you remember the days when your device used to have all the navigation buttons that you needed at the bottom of the actual screen instead of as a separate button? Well, you can return to those days because this app will help you along. It adds the buttons you need so you never need that home button again.

Step 1: Download 'Navigation Bar' to your device.

Step 2: Open settings within the app.

Step 3: Set how long you want the buttons to remain on the screen.

Step 4: Choose the size of the icons and choose the icon background color.


3. Easy Touch

This app is going to be great for giving you not only the home button that you need but several others as well. It actually allows you to lock your screen, open recent apps, change the volume and more directly from the front page of your phone, without the home button at all.

Step 1: Download 'Easy Touch' to your device.

Step 2: Tap the floating icon on your current page.

Step 3: Options will be provided to let you access the area you need.


4. Button Savior

Here you're going to have a slightly more complex option, though you don't have to make it too complex if you don't want to. If you want to use some of the more advanced features of the app you'll need to get into the root drive, but for the home button, you don't have to worry about that.

Step 1: Download 'Button Savior' to your device.

Step 2: Tap the toggle arrow at the side of the screen to open the options.

Step 3: Choose the icon you need for the task that you want to achieve.


5. Multi-Action Home Button

For those who don't have a virtual home button, you can actually use this app. It's super easy to set the app up and to make sure that it's active for whatever (and whenever) you need.

Step 1: Download 'Multi-Action Home Button' to your device.

Step 2: Tap the bottom-center of your phone screen.

Step 3: The home button will open itself.



If you're having a problem with the home button on your Android device, it's definitely time to check solutions in this article. Comment below and let us know if you fix your Android with one of these options or if you really like one of the substitutes for your home button.


By  Robert Moore , to Android Issues

Posted on Jun 17, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )

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