How to Fix Twitter App keeps Freezing or Crashing on Android

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When someone buys a smartphone, the first thing they will do is to download social media applications. These applications include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. and many more. Among all these social media apps, Twitter is one of the most used applications. But while enjoying the digital social world, sometimes twitter app keeps crashing on Android, which irritates the user. There is no need to panic if you have also faced the same situation. There are various solutions available to fix this issue. Today we will discuss how the problem arises in your Android device and which solutions you can use to fix this problem easily.

Part 1: Why does twitter freeze or crash?

App crashing is not a new thing these days. There may be a lot of reasons behind these crashes and bugs. These reasons may be related to the application or device itself.

  • Poor Internet Connection

  • Third-Party app collisions

  • Lack of storage area

  • An old version of the application

  • Incompatibility of the app version with the device's operating system version.

It is very hard to understand what the exact reason behind twitter bugs and crashes is but we tried to frame some of the possible reasons for these problems. In this article, you will get to know about the best solutions if you are facing a twitter app problem due to any of the above-stated reasons.

Part 2: Attractive and Free Tips for You!

There is a permanent solution to fix the twitter app that keeps crashing on Android and that solution is iMyFone Fixppo for Android. Fixppo is a one-stop solution for all the system related problems of Android. This is a tool that is capable of saying goodbye to all the problems of your android device in just a few clicks. If you are also facing any kind of system related problem with your Android, then we recommend you to use Fixppo --the best Android repairing tool.


  • It is one of the fastest repairing tools.

  • It is trusted by many individuals and websites

  • You can fix all the OS system issues on Android devices.

  • This tool can solve Android device system issues like a pro.


Step 1: Download the program and start the process on a computer.

Step 2: Fill  detail information of your device to download a suitable firmware for the fixing.

Step 3: Connect your device and put it into downloading mode, then the program will fix your device automatically.


Part 3: How to Fix the Twitter App Keeps Freezing or Crashing?

1. Force Quit the Twitter

Twitter is one of the famous and interesting social media apps which are capable to entertain people of all ages. But when it comes to crashes and annoying bugs, people become fed up from using twitter. One of the main reasons behind the twitter app keeps crashing android is the concurrent activities of the huge number of users at a single point of time. So, if you are also facing this problem then force stop or force close the application is the easiest solution to this problem. Here are the steps to force quit twitter -

  • Go to the settings of the device and find apps or manage apps sections.

  • Enter the manage apps and tab on twitter.

  • Now you will find the Force Stop or Force Close option.

  • Just press the option and wait for approximately one minute and you are ready to use the application again.


With the help of force close, you will be capable to close the threads and processes related to the application and when next time you will open it the system will load all the processes and threads again. If your issue is not solved with the help this solution then moves to the next one.

2. Reboot Your Phone

If twitter is crashing in your phone due to some third party application, then we will recommend you to restart your phone. You should follow below stated steps to restart your phone -

  • Press the power button on your mobile phone.

  • Select the Restart option from the menu.


After restarting your phone maybe this problem will get solved. And if you are still facing from twitter crash, then move to the next solution.

3. Clear Twitter's Cache and Data

All the application stores some data or we can say processes or threads in the cache memory of the device. The cache memory storage is used to store those files or processes or threads which are mostly used by the application to make it fast for using. But sometimes cache memory stores the partial or corrupted file due to which the user has to face crashes in the application. To solve this problem you need to clear the cache of the mobile device. To do the same follow the below stated steps for easy going -

  • Open Settings of the mobile device.

  • Go to the Applications or Manage Apps option.

  • Find twitter in Manage apps and Tap on it.

  • You will see Storage option there click on that.

  • Click on the Clear cache option to clear the cache of the device.


4. Uninstall Twitter and re-install it

This is the quickest and easiest way to solve this bug. Follow the below-stated steps to install and reinstall the twitter application -

  • Select the Application from the menu button present on the Home screen.

  • Go to manage applications.

  • Find twitter and press the uninstall button associated with it.

  • To Re-Install twitter go to the Play Store and find Twitter.

  • Now press the download button, and it will start the download and installing process.


By following this process, you will be capable of installing the current version of the application, and maybe you will not experience crashes anymore.

5. Checkout for Available Updates

Sometimes the reason for the twitter app keeps crashing android may the outdated version of the application. To check is your application's version is new or outdated check for the application updates. To check the same prefer the following steps:

  • Go to the play store on your android device

  • Tap on the "My apps" on the menu bar.

  • Find twitter and check for the updates


If any update available then download the update to check if the errors are gone.

6. Reset network settings

Not only the device or application is responsible for the bugs, but there must also be any network issue. To solve all kinds of network issues you need to reset the network settings. This will help you to troubleshoot if the application is crashing due to the wrong network settings or bad network. To reset the network settings follow the below-stated steps:

  • Go to the settings app.

  • Find a General management setting.

  • Click on the Reset Network Settings and your network setting will get back to default.

7. Check for Bad Apps

In some devices, twitter comes pre-installed. If in this case, your application is crashing then this may be due to some bad or third party application. There are many applications available which interfere with other application and android system itself. It is very important to figure out if you are facing twitter bugs due to these applications. You can do it from "Safe Mode" easily. Let us jump to the steps -

  • Press and hold the power button.

  • Then long-press the power off option from the menu until a safe mode prompt appears and click on the "Safe Mode" option

  • Now you will enter the safe mode of the device.

  • Here you can uninstall third-party application one by one to check which application is causing twitter crashes.


8. Factory Reset

If none of the above solutions is working for you then this is the last and only thing which can help you to fix all the twitter crashing issues or bugs. The factory reset will make your phone like a new device and you need to set up your device from the beginning to use it. It is advisable that before the factory reset you should backup all the important data from your device. To factory reset your device, below are the steps you should follow -

  • Open Settings of the device.

  • Go to the General Management option.

  • Tap Reset and then tap on the factory reset, then click ok to confirm.



You can try all the solutions available in this article to repair the twitter app keeps crashing on Android device. Any of these solutions may solve your twitter app problem, but to get a permanent solution, you must use a tool that can ensure a 100% successful repairing. Fixppo for Android is the tool that will give you that guarantee without any data loss. So start using it from now on.


By  Miller Walton , to Android Issues

Posted on Jul 29, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )

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