7 Ways to Fix Samsung Stuck on Logo

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Hi! I have Samsung Galaxy S8 and want to bring an issue to your  notice. Actually I switched off my mobile and leave it on charge. Post full  charge, when I was trying to turn it on, it isn't able to go past the Samsung  logo screen. Any suggestions to solve this? I will be highly obliged. Thank  you!

Using an electronic gadget and getting stuck in  between is not new to us. So does the Samsung phones and tablets, for example,  Samsung phone gets stuck on Samsung logo. Actually "Samsung  stuck on logo" issue has been experienced by a large number of users. We know  how it feels and how desperately you want to toss out this bothersome issue.  Well! This article is dedicated to help you out.

samsung stuck on logo

Why  Your Samsung Phone Gets Stuck on Logo

There are several reasons that can cause your Samsung phone stuck on the Samsung logo.

  • Software Glitches: When Samsung gets stuck on logo , the  first doubt goes on the glitches or bugs in the software. When the device is  having any software glitch, it can't boot normally.

  • Customized Software: It's not difficult to customize or manipulate the Android software.  However, while doing this, a user may end up getting issues like getting stuck  on Samsung logo or boot loop.

  • Software update: Many times, software update can cause such an issue if it  doesn't get completed properly.  

  • Virus: Next reason could be virus infections. There are apps that can  contain harmful codes and virus. And when downloaded, it can make your  device fall prey to the virus attacks.

  • Damaged Memory Card: Never ignore the memory card when your device is facing stuck on  logo issue. A faulty or bad memory card can be the easy culprit which is  overlooked by many.

  • Hardware Problems: If you've accidentally dropped your device in water or on the floor  from height, maybe the god isn't with you. This may cause hardware problems and  your Samsung gets stuck on logo easily.

why samsung get stuck on logo

What  You Should Do Before You Solve the Problem

Before we investigate the problem and explore the solutions, we  would like to make you aware of something vital. When  Samsung  gets stuck on logo screen, you can't say whether your data is safe or not.  And you all care your important data, don't you? Hence, if you have inserted a SD card to your  phone, we would like to suggest you to plug your device  to the computer and check if the PC can read the content in your SD card, or just remove  the SD card and use a  card reader  to access your data. Transfer all the important data from the SD card  to PC before you try  the solutions below.

backup data in SD card on Samsung phone

7  Ways to Fix Samsung Stuck on Logo

1. Press Power Button for More  Times

The "Power" key indeed has the power to control the problem. And it  is the first thing you can consider when Samsung gets stuck on logo. Make sure  to press the button a few times. This will ensure whether the problem is lying  with the Power button. Probably the issue is occurring due to the loose  components of the Power. If this is the case, make sure to get the device  checked with the technician for the internal issue with the button.

press samsung power button

2. Force Restart Samsung Phone

Another way that can do the trick is forcing  restart your device. This will give a fresh start to your device and hopefully  will solve the issue. For this, just press and keep holding the "Volume Down"  and "Power" keys simultaneously. Keep doing for 10-20 seconds until it gets  turned off. The device will restart now. Check if still it gets stuck on  Samsung logo or not.

force restart samsung devices

3.  Pulling out the Battery

Seeing the Samsung device is still stuck on logo screen can seriously be  frustrating. Therefore, here is the next worthy troubleshooting tip when the  above solutions are of no luck. This will work if your Samsung device comes  with the detachable battery. What you need to do is, simply take off the cover  of the device and remove the battery once. Wait for a few seconds and then  insert it again. Restart it now and check if the problem vanishes.

remove the battery of Samsung devices

4. Charge Your Phone

A lot of times, the battery percentage deceives us by indicating  availability of specific battery percentage but in actuality, it is dead.  Perhaps this is the root cause of your problem. To do away with it, turn off  the device fully and try to charge it. Wait for a while and then turn it on.

charge Samsung phone

5. Wipe Cache Partition

Clearing or removing the cache files can prove to be a good  solution when you encounter the issues like Samsung stuck on logo. A lot of  times, due to our careless attitude, our device ends up creating cache files  that are conflicting and shouldn't be there. And performing this will make way  for all the corrupted cache files to go out from your device thereby allowing  the device to turn on properly. Here is how to do it.

  • Hold  down the "Power" + "Volume Down" + "Home" buttons at the same time.

  • On  witnessing the Android icon, simply remove the finger from the "Power" key and  keep on pressing the other two keys. Do this until you find the Android Recover screen. Do not  release the buttons when you see  "Installing system update" and "No command".

  • A  menu will appear from which you have to choose "Wipe Cache Partition". Use the  Volume keys to scroll up and down to reach the option.

  • Once  reached, press the "Power" button and the cache removal will begin.

  • After  it gets completed, the device will be rebooted. If everything goes well, the  phone will turn on.

In case the problem continues to  happen, we recommend you the following professional way as a quick fix for Samsung  stuck on logo.

wipe cache partition on samsung phone

6. Refreshing System using iMyFone  Fixppo for Android

The above tips may not work in  most cases because the problem is usually caused by Android system problems.  Therefore having the system refreshed will be the helpful  method in most cases. As we know, Refreshing Android is not so  easy since there is no official method, so it is important to choose a  professional Android refreshing tool.

When it  comes to expertise and reliability, we would like to introduce you iMyFone Fixppo Android Refreshing Tool– it is designed to fix all the Android system issues in an unbelievable  fast speed. It doesn't demand any special technical skill to work with and uses  the most advanced technology to guarantee that everything goes smoothly.  

How to Fix Samsung Stuck on Logo Issue via iMyFone Fixppo for  Android

To start with, make sure to get to the official website of Fixppo  for Android and download it from there. Now, install it and then open the tool.  Subsequently, click on the "Start" button.

Step 1: Choose Details and  Download Firmware

Choose  the appropriate information for your Samsung device. Ensure to enter the  correct model, device or country name. After this, hit on the "Download  Firmware" option right below the information section. The program will  begin to download the firmware for your device.


Step 2: Put Samsung in  Download Mode and Connect

When the  downloading is done, you need to plug your Samsung device  to the PC via a USB cord and put your device into the Download Mode, you  can take help of the instructions on the screen. Observe them carefully and  according to your device type, use it rightly.


Step 3: Repair Samsung Stuck  on Logo Problem

Lastly, you will see the device getting detected and the repair will start automatically. Just sit relax now and keep the device connected till the process  is over. Within a few seconds, everything will be fixed and the device will be  in normal state.


7. Factory Reset Phone

There is one last solution to fix  "Samsung stuck on logo". It is resetting your device to  factory state. This will take the device into factory state by removing the entire  data and settings from your device. Please note that this only gets rid of the damaged data which may cause  the problem, but it cannot fix the system problem. Here are the steps:

  • Turn off Samsung device by  using the "Power" button.

  • Now, long press the "Power" +  "Home" + "Volume Down" buttons altogether.

  • Keep doing this till you find  the Android logo on the screen. When it comes, release only the "Power" button.  Continue to pressing the "Volume Down" and "Home" keys until you find the  Recover menu on your screen.

  • With the help of the "Volume  Down" key, scroll down to the "wipe data/factory reset" option. And then press the  "Power" button to confirm the actions.

After getting reset, the phone may get start  automatically if the  problem is the corrupted data.


By  Bryan Cooper , to Android Issues

Posted on Jul 12, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )

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