How to Fix My Samsung Phone Stuck in Odin Mode

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If you have been using an Android-based Samsung phone for some time, you may have likely heard of the term--Odin Mode. You may have also seen this term thrown around in various rooting guides for Samsung devices. In today's post, you are going to learn what Odin mode is, how it is used on Samsung devices, and what you can do if your phone gets stuck in this mode.

Part 1. What is Odin Mode?

The Odin Mode is a special mode that your phone comes preloaded with and it allows you to perform various tasks on your device. These tasks usually cannot be done from any other modes on your device and therefore you are required to reboot your device into the Odin Mode for you to perform your tasks.

The Odin Mode lets you flash new custom firmware, flash stock firmware, flash various kernels and flash a number of other file types on your devices. While your phone is in this mode, it does not load-up the operating system and lets you change even the entire OS of the phone to an older or a newer version - by simply flashing  firmware on the phone.

Part 2. A Most Effective Way to Get Out of Odin Mode

Now that you know what the Odin Mode is and that your phone is stuck in the mode, you may want to find out the best way to bring your phone out of the Odin Mode.

While there are a number of ways to do the task, not all of those work equally well or are equally convenient. Fortunately, you have a software--iMyFone Fixppo for Android that allows you to quickly get out of the Odin Mode on your Samsung device. Besides, it can help Android users fix a number of Android system issues.

  • Simple to use--only 3 clicks are needed.

  • Highest recovery rate--100% works for Android OS issues.

  • Full compatibility--all Samsung phones and tablets are supported.

  • No technical knowledge needed--user-friendly interface on the software.

Step 1. Head over to the software website and download and install the software on your computer. Launch the software and click on the button that says Start.


Step 2. The following screen asks you to enter the details of your Samsung device. Fill in the required fields and then click on the Download Firmware button to download the firmware for your device.


Step 3. The software will immediately start downloading the firmware for your device. Wait for it to finish the download.


Step 4. Connect  the phone to your computer and then put your  in the download mode referring to the below picture, or know more details click Here.


Step 5. The software will recognize your device and it will start installing the firmware on it. Be patient as this may take a few minutes to finish.


Step 6. Once you see the following message on your screen, your device is repaired and is no longer stuck in the Odin Mode.


Part 3. Other Different Ways to Exit Odin Mode

While the aforementioned software will get the issue fixed for you, there are a few other ways as well to help you come out of Odin Mode on your device. The following are some of the methods for you to bring your phone back to the normal state.

Method 1. Force Restart Your Samsung Device

Since your phone is stuck in the Odin Mode, you may want to force it so it reboots and gets to the normal screen. Force restarting a Samsung device is pretty easy, thanks to the company allowing the operation to be done using the physical buttons on the phone.


On your Samsung device, while you are stuck in the Odin Mode, press and hold down the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously for about twenty seconds. Your phone will reboot and it will be back to the normal screen.

The method should hopefully fix the issue for you. If it does not, move onto the next method in the guide.

Method 2. Remove the Battery from Your Samsung Device

If force restarting does not do anything and your phone remains on the Odin Mode screen, you may want to take the battery out of your device and it will shut down your device. Since there will be no power supply to the phone, your phone will have to come out of the Odin Mode.


  • To do the task, take the external cover out of your phone.

  • Then, pull the battery out of your device to turn off your device. Wait for about a minute and put the battery back into the device.

  • Turn on the device and you will be back to the normal mode. Then you should have successfully gotten rid of the Odin Mode on your Samsung device.

Method 3. Fix the Stuck in Odin Mode Issue Using the Odin Flash Tool

The Odin flash tool is a software that allows you to flash various types of files including firmware on your Samsung device. You can use the tool to fix the stuck issue on your device as shown below.


  • Head over to a website like SamFirmware to download the stock firmware for your device. Connect your device to your computer.

  • Download and launch the Odin flash tool on your computer. Click on PDA and select your downloaded firmware. Then, hit Start to start flashing the firmware on your device.

Once the firmware is flashed, your device will reboot and you will be back to the normal mode.


If you have somehow gotten your Samsung phone in the Odin Mode and now you cannot come out of it, you do not need to panic as there are several ways to exit the Odin Mode on your device as shown in the above guide. We hope the guide helps you bring your device back to the normal mode.


By  Miller Walton , to Android Issues

Posted on Aug 09, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )

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