5 Most Efficient Ways to Fix Samsung Black Screen

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Hi! My Samsung Galaxy S6 is completely not responding and just showing the black screen. How can I fix it? Please help me. I can't afford this issue as I have some urgency.

Samsung black screen has been a problem complained by a large number of users. It doesn't just make them anxious but they feel helpless for their inability to use the phone. However, the problem is not rare and not impossible to deal with. We know you have reached this post just to know what can be the potential solutions to settle the things down. We will look into the matter and find out what can be done when Samsung phones or tablets get stuck on black screen. So, patiently scroll down and go ahead for exploring the fixes.

samsung black screen

Why Does Samsung Device Get Stuck on Black Screen?

You might wonder what could be the root causes of the problem. Here, we have mentioned some of the reasons for why Samsung black screen takes place. Please go through this section so that you can have an idea what not to do the next time.

  • System crashed: The basic trigger point behind the issue could be the crashed system. This can be detected if you often get the pop-ups like a particular app isn't responding or launcher not responding etc. There might be different reasons for crashed system like low memory. This is actually the most common reason behind the black screen problem.

  • Older software: It is always a wise decision to update the software to the latest versions whenever available. Continuing to work with the older software can bring out the glitches that can create problems like Samsung black screenor endless boot loops etc. Therefore, the second reason might be older software. Make sure to update to the newest Android system as soon as possible.

  • Battery drains out: When getting Samsung black screenof death, battery issues can also stand responsible. If the device's battery has become faulty, the device can be dead suddenly. Therefore, check if the battery is the culprit.

  • Not enough memory: Insufficient memory in the device can easily be considered blameworthy. When your device is struggling with the memory issue, the required operations can give a hard time to carry out. And therefore, the phone may freeze and can get stuck on black screen of death.

  • Bad performance for having been used for a long time: With time, anything, specially gadgets can easily get obsolete. Perhaps you are using this device for a very long time. The system is unable to support you more with the best performance it used to provide. If this is the case, Samsung black screen can be a headache for you and you are suggested to flash your Android system.

  • Hardware problem: We have mentioned all the possible software bugs that can crop up the issue. However, there are chances that hardware components are not suitable and providing such issue. In such instance, take your device to the technician expert and get it checked.

samsung stuck on black screen

5 Ways to Fix Samsung Black Screen

Here is the comparison of the top 4 methods:

Force Restart
iMyFone Fixppo for Android
Hard Reset
Sometimes efficient
Sometimes efficient
Highly efficient
Sometimes efficient
Time Needed
Takes a few seconds
Not time-consuming
Takes a few minutes
Time consuming

1. Force Restart Samsung Phone or Tablet

One of the primary ways to get the problem fixed is to restart the device or tablet forcibly. When you perform this, the device starts afresh and fixes all the minor glitches that are to be blamed for the issues like Samsung black screen. In order to force restart, simply press the "Volume Down" and "Power" buttons at the same time. Do this for 10–20 seconds. Release the buttons when the screen shows Samsung logo. Please make sure the battery is charged to at least 10% percent before performing this. Look if the Samsung black screen is still showing or not.

force restart samsung devices

2. Charge Your Samsung Phone or Tablet

Sudden battery draining can be a cause for Samsung black screen. Perhaps you have forgotten to charge your device due to busy schedule. Hence, as the second tip, we would like to advise you to get the original charger of your device and start charging it. Check if the problem goes. If not, we have an expert solution below.

charge Samsung phone

3. Use iMyFone Fixppo for Android to Fix Samsung Black Screen

As explained in the first part, the system problems are the most common causes that lead to Samsung black screen. If you have tried the above methods and nothing is giving the expected results, try your luck on iMyFone Fixppo for Android which is the best Android OS repair tool. It is dedicated to solve any kind of Android issues. The repairing process is completed in a matter of minutes. Moreover, you don't need to have any special Android or technical knowledge to use this tool. It just provides simple tutorials with the help of which, any user can fix the problem on his/her own.

How to fix Samsung black screen using iMyFone Fixppo

To begin with the repairing, you got to download the program from its official website. Install it right after that and run it. Once launched properly, you need to click on the "Start" button

Step 1: Enter Details and Download Firmware

Once done with clicking on the "Start" button, you need to fill in some of the details about your Android device. Please make sure that you are giving the correct information. You can cross check once entered.

After confirming the information, you need to hit on the "Download Firmware" button. Following this, the program will provide the firmware for your Samsung device and download it automatically.


Step 2: Connect Your Device and Put It in Download Mode

Using the USB cord, make sure to connect your Samsung device to the computer. Notice the on-screen instructions and follow them to take your device into download mode. This is necessary to proceed. When your device is in download mode, you can throw away your worries as the program will begin to fix the problem.


Step 3: Let the Process Complete

Now, make sure that your device is connected to the computer until the process is over. After completion, the device will restart and will be normal.


4. Perform a Hard Reset

Another important thing that you should know and can do to fix Samsung black screen is hard reset. Note that performing this will result in data loss. It will not help if it is a system problem. Here are the steps to do this:

For Most Samsung Devices:

  • Simply turn off the device using  the "Power" key. Now, take hold of "Volume Up", "Power" and "Home" buttons  simultaneously. Keep holding until you find the Android Recovery screen.  You may notice "Installing system update" and "No command" screen during the process. Please  don't release the buttons.

  • When you get to the Android Recovery screen, go  to the "Wipe data/factory reset" option with the help of "Volume Down" key. Confirm with the "Power" button.

  • A warning screen will show up.  You need to long press the "Volume Down" button until "Yes" option becomes  noticeable.

  • Hit the "Power" button and  within a few seconds, you will see the "Reboot System Now" option selected.  Press the "Power" button again to get the device rebooted. The device will  reset and you will observe a Welcome screen. You can proceed with the set  up.

For Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8:

  • Start with pressing the "Power",  "Volume Up" and "Bixby" keys together. Do this until you get the Android  Recovery screen.

  • On that screen, make use of the  "Volume Down" button and head to the "Wipe data/factory reset" option.

  • On reaching, hit the "Power"  button for confirmation of reset.

  • On the warning screen now, tap  the "Volume Down" button and keep doing until you see the "Yes" option  highlighted.

  • Lastly, press the "Power" button  and then past few seconds, "Reboot System Now" will be selected. Hit the  "Power" button and the device will be rebooted.

5. Check Hardware at Samsung Store

If any of the above methods don't change the situation, the last option is to head towards the Samsung store. You can talk to the experts there and hand over your device to them. They will see to it and will repair your device timely. We hope that this works.

check hardware of Samsung phone


By  Bryan Cooper , to Android Issues

Posted on Jul 11, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )

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