How to Fix Chrome Crashes or Won’t Open on Android

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Chrome is one of the web browsers that often do new updates and bug-fixes to ensure users can surf the Internet without any unexpected issues. However, it seems the browser is not working well for many Android users. Many of the users are complaining that Chrome keeps crashing on their Android devices. If you also happen to be one of those users and you are sick of Chrome keep crashing on your device, we have got some methods to fix the issue for you.

Why Does Google Chrome Keep on Crashing?

Before you go ahead and fix the issue on your device, you may be interested in finding out what is causing the issue with Chrome on your device. Well,  several possible things that may be causing the issue.

Reason 1. A large Number of Cache Files

If you have not cleared the cache files for the browser for a very long time, the browser has accumulated a really large number of cache files. These files often interfere with the workings of the browser and therefore it is recommended you get rid of them from your device.

Reason 2. New Updates

It may be the new update you just installed for the browser has got issues in it and that is the culprit here.

Reason 3. Issues with the Operating System

If the operating system on your device has got any issues in it, it may likely be causing Chrome to crash on your device.

How to Fix Google Chrome Keeps on Crashing?

Now that you know some of the possible reasons as to why Chrome keeps crashing on your device, the following methods will teach you how to fix the issue on your device. Once the issue is fixed, Chrome will work buttery smooth and you will be able to enjoy all of your favorite websites in the browser without a single issue.

Method 1. Restart Your Android Device

The first and the most basic thing you can do to possibly fix the issue is to reboot your device. Rebooting your device clears some of the temporary files sitting on your device and this helps give your device and Chrome a fresh start.


Rebooting any of the Android devices is pretty easy as all you need to do is press and hold down the Power button for a few seconds and choose Reboot to restart your device. When the device restarts, launch Chrome and see if the issue persists or it is gone for good.

Method 2. Clear the Google Chrome Data and Cache Files

Like many other apps on your device, Chrome also saves data and cache files on your device to serve you with its functionalities. However, if you have allowed Chrome to do this since the beginning, you may have likely gathered many temporary files on your device.

If that is the case, you may want to clear the data and cache files for Chrome on your device. Doing so will release the old files, make space for new files, and will help give the browser a boost for its performance.


  • Go head to the Settings > Apps & notifications

  • Tap on the Chrome and click to choose Clear Storage or Clear Cache. Then it will clear both the data files and cache files for Chrome on your device.

Method 3. Uninstall and Reinstall Updates for Google Chrome

While the app updates are aimed at fixing existing bugs and issues with the app on your device, sometimes these updates are the cause of the issue. If that is the case with Google Chrome on your device, you may want to uninstall the Chrome updates from your device. You may then reinstall these updates.


  • To uninstall Chrome updates, head to Settings > Apps & notifications > Chrome.

  • Tap on three dots at the top right corner, and select the option that says Uninstall updates.

  • Wait for it to uninstall the updates.


  • Once the updates are uninstalled, launch the Play Store app.

  • Tap on three horizontal lines at the top-left corner, select My apps & games.

  • Then tap on Update next to Chrome. It will reinstall the Chrome updates for you on your device.

Method 4. Reboot Your Device in Safe Mode

One of the ways to find out if any third-party apps are causing Chrome to crash on your device is to reboot your device in safe mode and then troubleshoot the issue. It is pretty easy to do that and you will be done in no time.


  • Press the Power button and then tap and hold down on the Reboot option.

  • Then you will be able to reboot into safe mode. Once you are there, launch Chrome and see if it crashes or it does not.

Method 5. Reset the Cache Files on Your Android Device

Cache files are known to cause issues and you should get rid of them regularly from your device. The recovery mode helps you easily clean up the cache partition on your device and the following is how you do it.


  • Reboot your Android device into the recovery mode by pressing and holding down Volume Up and Power buttons on most devices.

  • Once you are inside the recovery mode, select the wipe cache partition option and your cache files will be wiped off from your device.

Method 6. Fix the Google Chrome Crash with A Qicuck Click

A corrupt version of the Android OS can cause a number of issues including Chrome crash issues on your device. Issues like these will continue to exist until and unless you fix the corrupt OS on your device. One of the best ways to do it is to use  software to repair the corrupt of your device. iMyFone Fixppo for Android that helps fix the operating system of your Android device in no time. It fixes all kinds of system issues and will help you to fix your Chrome issues.

  • No need to be tech-savvy.

  • Highest repair rate with a full guarantee.

  • Simple to use with only 3 clicks are needed

  • It supports thousands of Android phones and tablets.


Method 7. Master Reset Your Android Device

If none of the methods work for you, your final option is to reset your device to the factory settings. That means you will lose all the data and settings currently available on your device and your device will be reset to the factory default settings.


  • First, you should go head to Settings > System.

  • Reset options and tap on Erase all data (factory reset). Then it will get the job done for you.

ConclusionChrome is one of the stable web browsers out there but sometimes it faces issues too. Fortunately, though, you have so many ways available to fix the Chrome crashing issues on your device as shown in the above guide. We hope it helps you out and lets you enjoy an error-free experience with Chrome on your device.


By  Miller Walton , to Android Issues

Posted on Jul 18, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )

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