How to Fix Android Devices Won't Connect to Wi-Fi

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There are a huge number of Android device users all around the world. Though Android devices are famous for their advanced features, stylish design and various other options, these devices also face issues sometimes. These issues may cause serious headache to a user anytime. An Android phone won't connect to Wi-Fi is a similar problem that happened to a lot of Android users. If you have also faced this issue, then this article will be the best help for you to solve it.

There are various reason that may cause that Android device won't connect to Wi-Fi issue. Some of them are -

  • Any kind of software or system issue.

  • Wrong password issue.

  • Network configuration issue.

  • Connection error due to location issue such as a wall or anything else etc.

The solution for solving device won't connect Wi-Fi

There are various ways to solve Android won't connect to Wi-Fi issue. Here are the solutions and how to use them for you -

1. Toggle Your Wi-Fi

The most basic and first way to solve Wi-Fi issue is by toggling your Wi-Fi on. All you need to do is pull down the notification tray and tap on the Wi-Fi icon for a few seconds. Then turn your Wi-Fi connection off if it's on in the first place. Next, you need to wait for a few seconds and turn the Wi-Fi connection on again. Wait till your Android device searches for a suitable Wi-Fi connection and connects to it.


2. Turn Airplane Mode Off and On

Airplane mode is another factor that you need to check for solving your device won't connect to Wi-Fi issue. This is another basic way, although it doesn't guarantee you to solve your problem. Still it has worked for some users. All you need to do is, open the notification tray of your Android device and tap on the "Airplane Mode" icon to turn it on. Then wait for a few seconds and turn it off again. Then check if your problem is solved or not. If you find the Airplane Mode is on from before, then you already know what to do. Turn it off and check if the problem is solved.


3. Check Whether Bluetooth Is Turned Off

Sometimes, if your Android device's Bluetooth is turned on, it interferes between the connection between your device and Wi-Fi. So you need to make sure that it's turned off in order to get an uninterrupted connection. Same way as before, you need to open the notification panel of your Android device and check if your Bluetooth option is turned on. If it's on, tap on it and it will be turned off. After that you can check if your problem is solved or not.


4. Turn Off Power Saving Mode

"Power Saving Mode" is an option that saves power on your device by stopping or pausing various functions. Wi-Fi connection or connectivity features are also part of that. So you need to turn of power saving mode to solve Android won't connect to Wi-Fi issue. Here is how to do it -

  • First you need to go to the "Settings" menu of your Android device. Then go to the "Battery" option.

  • Next you need to check if the "Power Saving Mode" or "Battery Saver" is turned off or not. If it's turned on, then turn it off.

  • Finally head on to Wi-Fi settings and you need to change the "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" option to "Always".


5. Use An Professional Way --Fixppo for Android

If you want to solve Android device won't connect to Wi-Fi issue permanently, then Fixppo for Android is the best tool for you. This amazing software can easily repair your Android system and fix Wi-Fi issue any time. It has all the advanced features that can be accessed by novice users because of its easy to use interface. It's the ultimate repairing tool for all kinds of Android issues.



  • It can repair all kinds of Android device issues,such as device won't connect to Wi-Fi, , stuck on logo, app crashing, black screen of death etc.

  • It can recover any slow or stuck issues of your Android device to make it fast and smooth.

  • It supports more than 600 Android devices.

How to Use Fixppo to Fix Problem of Wi-Fi Connection?

Step 1: First you need to download and install the software in your computer and launch it. Then select the right Android device details refer to the bellow picture. If all the device information is correct,then you need to download a corresponding firmware for the fixing.

Step 2: After all things have been prepared, you need to be connected to your PC. Make sure your device is in "download mode" prior to fixing it. Once you have put it in download mode, the fixing will automatically begin by the program. If your device cannot enter download mode,please check the guide here.

Step 3: Once your tablet or phone has gone into download mode, then all those issues with your Android operating system will get fixed automatically by the program. Your device needs to stay connected to the computer while this is happening. Otherwise your device might be bricked.

6. Check the Device Settings

6.1 Check Whether the Password Is Right

First you need to check if the password you are trying to use to connect to your Wi-Fi is actually the right one or not. This is really important because without the right password, you will never be able to connect your Android to the Wi-Fi.

6.2 Forget the Wi-Fi Network and Reconnect

Forgetting the Wi-Fi network and reconnecting is another way to solve the issue. If you do this, it may solve any kind of connection issue that you are having. Here is how to do it -

  • First you need to open the "Settings" menu of your device.

  • Then head over to the Wi-Fi settings and choose to forget the connection that you are trying to connect with.

  • Then search for it again and connect with it.Check if the problem is solved or not.


7. Check the Router

You can also check the router and see if there is any problem in it. Sometimes, router problem can cause Wi-Fi issue. So check the router settings properly and also check if anything happened to your router or not.

8. Clear Cache Partition

Clearing cache partition is another option to fix Android won't connect to Wi-Fi issue. You can follow the below guideline -

  • First you need to turn your device off. Then you need to press and hole the "Volume Up", "Power" and "Home" button for a few seconds till the device boots up.

  • Wait till your device enters into the Android Recovery Mode and use the volume buttons to move the highlight and use power button to select "Wipe Cache Partition" option.

  • Finally, when the cache is cleared, you will be again redirected to the main recovery Mode menu. You need to select "Reboot System Now" option by using the volume and power buttons to reboot your device.

9. Reboot Your Phone

Rebooting your phone is another option to solve Android won't connect to Wi-Fi issue. Sometimes, simply restarting the phone can solve big issues. So all you need to do is press the power button long enough to open the "Reboot"/"Restart" option. Then tap on it to reboot your phone.


10. Back Up and Factory Reset

If your Android device is facing system issues, a factory reset of all settings can solve it immediately. But you must backup all your data before factory resetting your device.

  • Power off your Android device. Then press and hold the "Volume up" and "Power" button together.

  • Then you need to release the "Power" button when you see the Android logo on your screen but still hold onto the "Volume up" button.

  • Next you will enter the recovery mode and you need to use the "Volume Down" button to navigate to the "wipe cache partition" option. Then press the "Power" button to select it.

  • Again use the "Volume Down" button to select "Yes — delete all user data" option and press the "Power" button to confirm it.Wait till the process finishes and use the "Power" button to restart your device.


11. OS Update

Sometimes old OS version can cause issues to cause connection problems on your Android device. Always keep your Android OS updated to prevent any kind of system issue. To check it, follow below steps -

  • First you need to navigate to the "Settings" menu of your Android device. Then select the "About Device" option or go to Android software update related option.

  • Finally you need to tap on the "Check for Updates" option to check if your OS is updated or not. If needed, manually download the update and restart your device.


12. Other Third Party App's Interference

Sometimes, third party app become corrupted or they cause problems in Android device's Wi-Fi connection. So you need to check if any app is causing any kind of problem in your device. You can easily uninstall that app or disable it. Then check if your Wi-Fi connection is okay or not.


This article is the best guideline for you if you want to solve Android device won't connect to Wi-Fi issue. You can use any of the ways that are described here to solve this problem but the best is by using Fixppo for Android. This amazing tool will help you solve any kind of Android system issue in a few clicks. So stop wasting your time on any other ways and start using Fixppo to solve your problem.


By  Miller Walton , to Android Issues

Posted on Jun 26, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )

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