Most Helpful Solutions to Fix Helpful Android Boot Loop

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Help! I am a Samsung user and since morning, just not able to operate it completely. I turned off the device once and then it keeps on turning on and doesn't starting up. It just gets stuck there and then turns off and on. Basically it is showing boot loops. How can I fix it? Is there any one who can help?

Encountering the above problem is not uncommon to the Android users. We can  imagine how frustrating it could be when you aren't able to start your phone.  You might have ended up asking many people the same question. Therefore we are going to bring the best solutions to diagnose such problem.  

Android Boot Loop

Part  1: The Causes of Android Boot Loop

Many people think that Android boot loop only arises in a  device having root access. Actually a boot loop issue can occur  easily in normal or un-rooted device that is having original ROM or software.  There are many reasons for Android boot loop, for example, the hardware cannot communicate with the Android system thereby fail to complete the  start-up process. This can be the result of recently updated Android version.

The problem of Android boot loop also may occur due to corrupted app  files. If you install the apps from unknown sources, this can end up bringing  virus to your device. And you can blame this for the problem. Any interference  with the internal settings of the device may trigger the issue too. Sometimes, if there is any problem  with your battery, this problem can also happen. Therefore faulty installs, malfunction through viruses, broken system  files or battery  problems can be responsible for Android boot loop.

Many times, the problem can be resolved by simply resetting the  device. However, we would suggest you to read this article thoroughly and  examine the exact thing to fix the problem.

Android stuck on boot loop

Part  2: 4 Solutions to Fix Android boot loop

1. Take the Battery out and Put It  Back

One of the easiest ways to manage Android boot loop issue is to simply perform a soft reset. This has  been successful for many users and in many minor issues. By doing this, you  will be able to start your Android device without any bugs. For a quick soft  reset, all you need is to switch off your Android device. Then simply remove  the battery out of it. Wait a few seconds and insert it back. Turn on the  device and see if there is still Android  boot loop exists or not.

In case, there is no provision for battery removal, you can simply  shut down the phone and leave it for nearly 5 minutes as it is. Turn it on and  check the problem is gone.

remove the battery of Samsung devices

2. Repair Android System Problems

As explained at the beginning, Android boot loop usually happens when there is malfunction of Android system. However, there is no official method to fix Android system. It is recommend that you use a reliable third-party tool. Here is a professional solution for you - iMyFone Fixppo for Android. This tool brings the deivce back to normal without any special  requirement to technical skills. Moreover, it can fix any kind of Android issue  with ease. Due to its 100% success rate for system problems and amazing speed of repairing, the  tool can't be neglected if you want the effective results. Let us know how you  can fix the problem using the tool.

How to Fix Android Boot Loop using iMyFone Fixppo for Android

For fixing the problem, make sure to download the program on your  computer and then install it. Once installation is successful, ensure to launch  it. Then, simply click on the "Start" button from the main interface.

Step 1: Get the Firmware  and Provide Android Details

You will get a screen like the image below. Now, you just have to be  sure of entering the appropriate information for your Android device like name,  brand model or country. After entering the details, simply hit on the "Download  Firmware" button.


Step 2: Put Android in  Download Mode

After downloading firmware, you need to follow the instructions  that can be noticeable on the screen. These are for entering the Download mode.  Simply go along with the steps that match your device. Once it s done, make  sure to connect your device to the PC using the original USB cord.


Step 3: Start Repairing  the Android Device

After the program detects the device  in download mode, the  problem will start getting fixed automatically. Be sure that the device is keep  connected until the process is over.


3. Factory Reset the Device

When soft reset goes futile, of course there is a need of hard  reset. Don't just get panic with the terms. The method is safe and will surely  work. Here is how it works. We are providing steps for the Samsung devices.

For Most Samsung Devices:

  • Simply turn off your device by keeping hold of the "Power" button.

  • Now, tap the "Power", "Volume Up" and "Home" keys at the same moment. Simply hang on until you go to the Android Recovery screen. You may receive "Installing update" and "No command" screens in between. Just ignore those and continue to wait for the Android Recovery screen.

  • When the said screen comes, hit the "Volume Down" key to go to the "Wipe data/factory reset" option. To confirm, press the "Power" button.

  • A warning screen will show up. You just need to press the "Volume Down" key until you find the highlighted "Yes" option.

  • Simply hit the "Power" button right after that.

  • You will now see the "Reboot System Now" options being highlighted on the Android Recovery screen. Click the "Power" button and the device will be rebooted.

  • A welcome screen will pop-up once the device resets. You can now setup your device and Android boot loop will probably not bother you.

For Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8:

  • Keep pressing the "Power", "Volume Up" and the "Bixby" buttons together. Do this until you notice the Samsung logo. You may, as above find the "Installing update" or "No command" screens. Just let the screen passes and wait for the Android Recovery screen to welcome you.

  • On the screen appearing, press the "Volume Down" key and reach the "Wipe data/factory reset" option. Press the "Power" button and confirm the action.

  • Now, on the warning screen, you need to press the "Volume Down" key until you get to see the "Yes" option glowing. Hit "Power" button right after that.

  • Lastly, the "Reboot System Now" option will be selected on the Android Recovery screen. Hit the "Pwer" key to reboot your device and you are done.

4. Use CWM Recovery to Fix Android  Boot Loop

While suffering from Android  boot loop and your device has been rooted with CWM, there is a slight  difference in the wiping steps. For this, you just need to turn off the device  and press the "Home", "Power" and "Volume Up" keys altogether to open it into  the CWM Recovery Mode. Go to "Advanced" followed by "Wipe". Now, choose "Dalvik  cache". Pick out "Mounts and Storage" and tap "Wipe/cache". In the last, you  can reboot your deivce to see the Android  boot loop is vanished.


By  Bryan Cooper , to Android Issues

Posted on Jul 17, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )