[Best Choice] Top 11 Ways to Fix Google Play Error 505

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Are you trying to update or install an application from Google Play Store, but getting error 505? While this error is common among Android users who are still using the older OS like KitKat, it also occurs even on devices running on Marshmallow or Nougat. This can be really frustrating when you encounter this issue while using your device.


Sometimes the app will download successfully, but you cannot install it on your Android device. Maybe you have no clue why Google Play error 505 is occurring, but you want to install the app immediately. In this article, we have given the top 11 ways to help you fix the error 505 in the Google Play Store. To make it easier, we have also given the reasons for this error code.

Part 1. What is Error Code 505?

When you are trying to install or update a game or an app from the Google Play Store, a pop-up window occurs saying "Error Code - 505". This error usually occurs when two similar apps on your device are looking for the same permission. This causes a conflict error 505. This will not allow you to update or install the apps on your device.

Part 2. Reasons for Error 505 on Android

Before seeing the top solutions for fixing this error, let us know why this error occurs on your Android device. There are multiple reasons for this error.

  • This error may occur during the downloading process if the Google Play Store is not updated or refreshed.

  • Many users get Play Store error 505 when they are trying to install an Android app that is not compatible with the Android OS version of their device.

  • When there are multiple apps with duplicate permissions on your Android smartphone, you will get error 505.

  • The error 505 Android can also occur if your Google account is not synced properly with your device's data.

  • Even the cache memory may cause this issue on your device.

Part 3. 4 Recommended Solutions to Fix Error 505

The error that occurs suddenly on your device will not only block the installation of an app but also waste a lot of your time. Regardless of the reason for this error, we have given the top 4 solutions below that will help you fix this Play Store error 505.

1. Restart Android
3. Upgrade Android OS
4. Factory Reset Android
Success Rate
Operating Difficulty
Required Time
When to Choose
Encounter a few software issues
Encounter all software issues
Encounter some software issues
Encounter some software issues

Solution #1. Restart Your Android Device

Many kinds of issues in Android devices get fixed once you restart the device. Follow the steps below to restart your device.

Step 1: Press and hold the Side or Power button of your device.

Step 2: From the various options displayed, tap Restart.

Step 3: After your smartphone restarts, check if you can download and install the app.


Solution #2. Depend on the Best Android Repair Tool

Software issues may also cause this kind of error, so in order to save time, most Android users may prefer to find a professional tool to solve this issue quickly. Here iMyFone Fixppo for Android is highly recommended by famous websites.


  • With the highest success rate

  • With the fastest repairing speed

  • With most advanced technology

  • No skills required

  • Thousands of Android Devices are supported

  • 100% secure

  • Free technical support

Step 1: Install and run Fixppo for Android onto your computer. Then click Start to continue.

Step 2: When you see the image below, select the appropriate specs for your Android and click Download Firmware. After the firmware downloads and extracts, confirm the listed information and press Start. If the information is wrong it may damage your device.


Step 3: Connect your device to your PC. Make sure it is in download mode by following the on-screen instructions.


Step 4: The process will start automatically. Leave your device attached to the computer until it finishes. Once the problem is fixed, your device will automatically restart.


Solution #3. Upgrade Android OS to Latest Version

The old OS versions will be full of bugs and software glitches, so it is important that you keep the Android OS up to date. When the OS is updated, most of the issues, including error 505, will be get fixed. Follow the steps below to update the Android OS version.

Step 1: Open Settings and go to About or System Updates (depending on your smartphone model).

Step 2: Your device will check for updates.

Step 3: Tap on Update if there is an OS update available.


Solution #4. Factory Reset Your Device

If none of the above methods worked in solving this error, the last option is to factory reset your Android smartphone. This will remove the entire data of your device, including corrupt caches and APK files and reset your device to the factory version. But before trying this method, make sure that you back up your device to Google Drive.

Just go to Settings ->  Factory Data Reset.


Part 4. 7 Basic Solutions to Fix Error 505

If you prefer to check some related settings to solve this error, just follow the solutions below. These basic ways can only solve minor issues, if they cannot help you, you need to try the recommended ways above.

Solution #1. Enable the Download Manager

Very often the Download Manager of your device is disabled due to unknown reasons. When it is disabled, you won't be able to download an app. Follow the steps below to check if you have accidentally turned off the Download Manager and to turn it on.

Step 1: Open Settings. Depending on the device model, choose the App or the Application Manager.

Step 2: Tap "All" at the top and then tap "Download Manager".

Step 3: Tap Enable for giving permission to begin the installation process.


Solution #2. Clean Data and Cache from Google Play Store

When you browse through the Play Store, the cache memory gets stored in your device so that you can access the pages faster. You need to clear the cache and data to fix this error.

Step 1: Go to Settings -> Application Manager.

Step 2: Tap Manager Applications. Then tap "All".

Step 3: Choose the "Google Play Store".

Step 4: Next, tap "Clear Data" and then "Clear Cache". This will clear the cache memory, thereby fixing the error.


Solution #3. Re-Add Your Google Account

When you see error 505 while downloading apps from your Google App Store, you need to re-add your Google account on your device. You may encounter this error even when you use the same Google account on multiple devices.

Step 1: Go to Settings -> Accounts -> Google.

Step 2: Choose your Google account.

Step 3: In the next screen, open options and then tap "Remove account".

Step 4: Now, restart your device. After restarting, add your Google account again.


Solution #4. Reinstall Google Play Store Updates

Google Play Store will update itself on a regular basis because of frequent updates of apps and services in the Store. So, when it doesn't get updated correctly, you might experience the Google Play error 505.

Step 1: Open Settings -> Apps or Application Manager.

Step 2: Choose "Google Play Store".

Step 3: Tap on three dots and then on "Uninstall Updates".

Step 4: Confirm when you see a message - Change Play Store app to factory version.

Step 5: Now open the Play Store. Within a few minutes, Google will update its Play Store. Make sure the internet connection is on.


Solution #5. Update Date and Time

Sometimes the wrong date and time of your device can be a reason for this problem. Make sure that your device date and time are correct for installing the apps.

Step 1: Go to Settings -> Date & Time.

Step 2: Tap and uncheck "Automatic Date & Time" as well as "Automatic Time Zone".

Step 3: Now, set the date and time manually.

Step 4: Go to Home Page. Then get back to Settings and tap on Automatic Date and Time and Automatic Time zone checkbox.


Solution #6. Uninstall the Problematic Apps

If certain apps are the reason for this error, you may want to uninstall those apps from your device.

Step 1: Go to Settings -> Apps or Application Manager.

Step 2: Find and select the app that is not getting updated.

Step 3: Clear the data and its cache and uninstall the app.

Step 4: Repeat the above steps for all the apps that are not getting updated. Now, restart your phone and check if the problem is solved.


Solution #7. Remove SD Card and Insert it Back

Many people use SD cards when their Smartphone's memory is not enough to install apps or games. If you are using SD card in your Android device and are getting error 505, you can try to remove and insert it to check if the problem gets solved.

Step 1: Go to Settings and then tap on Storage.

Step 2: Choose the Unmount SD Card.

Step 3: Now, remove the SD card from your device.

Step 4: After a few seconds, insert it back. Go to Play Store and check if you are able to install or update the apps.



It can be really frustrating when you have to update an app but your device displays an error 505. So, we have given the top 11 solutions for you and all the above methods have been tried and tested. Before you try any of the methods, make sure that your device is backed up. When you solve this error, don't forget to inform us which one works for you through the comment section below. Also, you can share this page with your friends and family and let them know that there is a working solution for error 505.


By  Robert Moore , to Android Issues

Posted on Jun 20, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )

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