Cannot Receiving Text Messages on Android? Top 11 Ways Here

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Have you ever had the problem that someone has sent you messages but you're not getting them? You were definitely looking for some ways that you could fix the problem to make sure you could get all of your information again. Luckily, we already know what you want for not receiving text messages on Android and we're going to share our top tips with you.


Part 1. Causes of Not Receiving Text Messages on Android

The first thing to look at is all of the possible reasons that you might not be getting your messages. We'll start with a list of the top causes and most common reasons that this seems to happen to people and then we'll start looking at some of the most common ways that you can fix the problem.

  • Problem with network coverage

  • The insufficient signal from the network

  • Problem with phone setting configuration

  • Software conflict

  • Messaging app glitch

  • Recent switch between iPhone and Android

  • Network registration error with the carrier

Part 2. 5 Common Ways to Solve Cannot Receive Texts on Android

Hopefully, you'll be able to use one of these 5 common tips to get things back to normal and running again in no time. So choose the way you trust through the list below.

Way 1. Set Text Message Limit

Do you even know that you had a text message limit? Well, you might. If you need a lot of space you might not want to try this, but you can definitely give it a shot and see if it works.

Step 1: Open the messaging app from your home screen and choose the three-dot icon in the corner.

Step 2: Choose "settings" from the list of options and tap "text message limit".

Step 3: Choose the maximum number you want and hit "save".


Way 2. Clean Data and Cache

Getting rid of old data and the cache is another way that you can try to make sure that your device is able to accept new messages when you receive them.

Step 1: Open your settings on your device and choose "apps".

Step 2: Select the "all apps" filter. Search for your built-in messaging app.

Step 3: Open the messaging app and choose "storage".

Step 4: Select "Clear data" and "Clear cache".


Way 3. Check the Block List

Have you marked specific people to your SPAM folder? Or have they been put there somehow by your device itself? It's always a possibility so if you're not receiving messages only from specific people you may want to check here first.

Step 1: Open your messaging app and tap the three-dot icon.

Step 2: Choose "settings" and then "spam settings" or "harassment filter".

Step 3: Check for any contacts on the list.

Step 4: Remove contacts you don't want on the block list and hit "save".


Way 4. Check Software Conflict

There are plenty of options available of apps and this can sometimes result in problems with the way the software interacts.

Step 1: Check for updates on any messaging apps.

Step 2: Open Google Play and select "action".

Step 3: Choose "My apps & games" and select "updates".


Way 5. Move SIM Card to Another Phone

Moving the SIM card to a different device can sometimes help you to see exactly what's going on and whether there is a problem with your registration to the network. If that's the problem, moving the device and putting it back into your device should resolve it.

Step 1: Remove the SIM card from your phone.

Step 2: Insert your SIM card into a different phone.

Step 3: Turn the new device on and wait until it receives a cellular signal.

Step 4: Turn the new device off.

Step 5: Remove the SIM card and replace it into the original device.

Step 6: Turn the original device on and wait for it to automatically reconfigure the registration.


Part 3. 5 Advanced Ways to Solve Not Receiving Messages on Android

If the above basic ways do not help you, do not hesitate to try the following advanced ways.

When to Choose
Success Rate
Operating Difficulty
Required Time
Encounter all software issues
Restart Your Device
Encounter some software issues
Update Android OS
Encounter some software issues
Set SMSC Setting
Encounter a few problems
Specify a Country Code
Encounter a few problems
Factory Reset Your Device
Encounter some software issues

Way 1. Fix Android Not Receiving Text Messages via Specialized Tool

If there is something wrong with the software inside, you need to use iMyFone Fixppo for Android which is designed to fix all Android system issues with ease.

  • Thousands of Android devices are supported.

  • It is easy to use with only several clicks.

  • It offers the highest repair rate in this field.

  • It has recommended by many professional websites.

Just follow the steps given below to fix this issue within minutes.

Step 1: Download and install Fixppo for Android on your computer. Then click on the Start button on its Home page.

Step 2: You need to download the relevant firmware version for fixing this issue. So offer your device details and click on Download Firmware. The program will download and extract the software for your device in a few seconds.


Step 3: After the process is over, the information will be displayed. Check the information and then proceed with the next step. If the displayed information is correct, click on Start.


Step 4: Now connect your device to the computer. You need to put your device in "Download Mode" before you start fixing this problem.


Step 5: After the phone is in Download mode, the fixing process will begin automatically. After the process is over, the Android phone will restart automatically.


Make sure that your device is connected to the computer during this process, else it may be bricked.

Way 2. Restart Your Device

Restarting your device could be the answer that you're looking for. It's relatively simple, and likely something that you've tried out already, but it's still effective in a number of different cases. Just resetting the device allows it to shut down everything.


Way 3. Update Android OS

If your device isn't fully updated to the most recent version, you could be having trouble with more than just sending and receiving messages. The process, luckily, is much easier than you would think to manually update the operating system and hopefully clear up any issues.

Step 1: Open your device settings and choose "about device".

Step 2: Choose "system updates" and then "updates".

Step 3: Look for any new versions and updates available.

Step 4: Download new updates. Wait for the device to reset and reboot after installation.


Way 4. Set SMSC Setting

When it comes to using your device you must have the SMSC settings enabled the proper way. If your settings aren't correct it could cause problems with the way that you receive messages, so make sure you check this (and remember it's only on Android).

Step 1: Open "email and messaging' and choose "manage messages".

Step 2: Clear the cache.

Step 3: Open "apps & accessories" and choose "manage apps".

Step 4: Make sure the SMSC setting is +120630004.


Way 5. Check if You Need to Specify a Country Code

Look at the messages that you're actually receiving versus the ones that you're not. If you're receiving texts to domestic numbers, then it means you may need to have a country code added into the number that you're sending to. The process for this is relatively simple.

Step 1: Send a text message to your own number.

Step 2: If the message comes through you are likely having trouble with international numbers.

Step 3: Check for the + or 011 before the country code and phone number.

Step 4: Add these to the number and send it again.

Way 6. Factory Reset Your Device

Sometimes there's just no way around it and you have to perform a factory reset. When that's the case, the process is relatively simple, but you'll lose everything on your device. That means you might want to perform a good backup before you try this option.

Step 1: Open the settings on your device and choose "advanced settings".

Step 2: Choose "backup & reset' and then "factory data reset".

Step 3: Choose "reset phone". Then wait for the phone to restart.



When you're experiencing problems that you're not getting the messages, it's definitely time to start looking at the above solutions. Hopefully, one or more of these will be the way you can get past the "not receiving texts" issue on Android. Comment below if you've tried any of these (or anything else).


By  Robert Moore , to Android Issues

Posted on Jun 20, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )

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