What to Do When Your Android Tablet Won't Turn on

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There are lots of features which have made android tablets very popular among other devices in the market. That could be their highly customized operating systems, screen resolution, wireless connectivity and others. Although these are great features, please don't forget that it is impossible to explore your android tablet when it won't turn on.

The major aim of this post is to provide you with details about what to do anytime your android tablet refuses to turn on.

Common Reasons That Your Android Tablet Won't Turn On

The issue of android tablets not turning on has been a major nightmare to lots of users around the world. You need to understand the fact that there could be several reasons why this may be happening at the moment. Failure to identify and correct them will only bring about more frustration. Below are some of such reasons:

Stuck in power-off mode

This is perhaps one of the major reasons why most android tablets fail to get turned on. Have you ever turned off your tablet device and attempted to get it turned back on? Did you notice that it wasn't responding as expected? The reason is that it could be in sleep mode or has been frozen.

Battery out of charge

Most tablet users make the mistake of allowing the batteries of their devices become very low before charging them. This can also make your device not to turn on. It usually happens when you aren't aware of the battery level.

Dirty surrounding

A dirty surrounding or environment will affect your tablet in an adverse way. This can make it malfunction or begin to experience overheat. Environments that are dusty or windy are typical examples of dirty surroundings which are capable of preventing tablet devices from turning on.

Stuck after an update

This happens when your update is incomplete. It can make your tablet not to boot properly. At such point, it will boot half way. There are lots of factors that can be responsible for booting problems in your tablet after an update has been carried out. These could be not enough battery to complete the update as expected, low RAM size thereby making the device to freeze regularly during the update and the presence of other programs interfering with such process.

Defective memory card

There are lots of issues your memory card may cause in your android tablet at the moment without you even knowing. When it is bad, such condition will negatively affect your device from functioning properly.

There are ways the memory card you are using at the moment can prove to be defective. One of such is when it has been infected by virus. Also, if the memory card isn't large enough in terms of size to contain files, it will lead to booting problems. Leaving such memory card in your device can make you lose important files.

Physical damage

This is another reason why your android tablet may refuse to turn on at the moment. If your device is wet, it will not turn on or boot properly. Another sign of damaged phone is when the physical components have been compromised. One of the major causes of this is when the tablet often falls off your hands.

Having seen the reasons of what could be responsible for your android tablet not turning on, there is no doubt that you must be curious to find the solutions to such a problem. The good part is that you don't have to rack your brains as they will be outlined below.

Solution 1: Troubleshoot your charger, cable, outlet and case

You need to be sure whether the tablet charger and its cable are working 100%. In order to do this, you can use them in charging another device.

Also, you can check whether the cable has been connected as recommended to such charger. Try to find out whether there are particles in the charger.

Find out whether the outlet you are making use of to charge the tablet is working properly. Try to ensure that your tablet's buttons aren't being pressed by any item such as battery packs or cases.


Solution 2: Troubleshoot your battery

Try to find out whether the phone is properly charging by looking at its battery icon.

Before turning on the device, ensure that it is charged for 30 minutes. You need to understand your battery icon since it does vary with devices.


Solution 3: Troubleshoot your screen

In case your device doesn't show any red light or battery icon after being plugged, there is every chance that your screen is the problem. To know whether your screen is faulty:

The power button should be pressed for some seconds (about 30 seconds),then you can wait for two minutes.To make the device ring. You can use another device to call it. Once the screen doesn't come up while it is ringing, there is every chance that your screen is faulty.

check -samsung-tablet-touch-screen

Solution 4: Troubleshoot with advanced steps

There are two ways you can do this process: Connecting to a system and Using the buttons of your device

Troubleshooting through connecting to a system

Step 1: Cable should be unplugged from its charger. Your system should be connected to a power source while being on.

Step 2: The android device should be connected to the system using a USB cable. After that, wait for about 15minutes. The cable should be disconnected and reconnected from such device (within about 10 seconds).

Step 3: Within 60 seconds.If a battery icon displays, it means the tablet is powered off and charging. If a red light displays, it means the battery is completely flat. A flashing red light means the power isn't enough for the device to be turned on.

Step 4: The device should be charged for minimum of 30 minutes. The power button should be pressed and held for some seconds (30). This will make it to restart.

Trouble shooting with your tablet device

First ,press your power as well as volume down – button at once for about 20 seconds. If a red light shows, it means the battery is flat or fully discharged, then device should be charged for half an hour.When you have held the power for some seconds., then a Restart should be tapped on the screen.There are times you may see the word start with android robot on the screen. Do the following in such case :

Step 1: Volume down button should be pressed until power off appears. The power button should be pressed to select ''power off''.

Step 2: The device should be charged for about 30 minutes.

Step 3: Power button should be pressed for some seconds.

Step 4: If restart appears on your screen, get it tapped on. Alternatively, you can get the power button pressed continuously until the device restarts.

Solution 5: Force shut down the device

This will require you to press the volume down and power buttons together for around 10 seconds. The tablet is going to restart after this has been done.


Solution 6: Rebooting the system

It is possible for your tablet to be restarted in safe mode. Below are some of the steps

Step 1: Press the power button until the logo of such brand appears.

Step 2: The volume down button should be pressed.


After these have been done, the tablet device is going to restart inside safe mode and such a problem will be resolved.

Try an Android repair tool - Fixppo for Android

There are times when you may try the above and still not get the desired result. At such point, you need an advanced tool that can help you repair your device in a most effective way. This is where Fixppo for Android will definitely be of great help.

Fixppo for Android is the best solution available if you’re dealing with any Android issues. In fact, it has been regarded as the best Android system repair tool in the world.

Steps how to use Fixppo for Android to turn your android device on


Step 1: Install the Fixppo for Android on a computer.

Step 2: In order to download the appropriate firmware, you need to offer some details about your Android device.

Step 3: Make sure you choose the necessary information before pressing the "Download Firmware" button.

Step 4: Connect Android to PC & put it in download mode. Please refer to here to get your device into download mode. And Your mobile device needs to be connected to your PC.

Step 5: Once your tablet or phone has gone into download mode, then all those issues with your Android operating system will get fixed automatically by the program.


Having seen the above, it is obvious that the issue of making your android tablet to turn on is something that can be handled. This is due to the advanced features of an application such as Fixppo.


By  Miller Walton , to Android Issues

Posted on Jun 14, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )

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