How to Fix Android System Update Problems

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There are a huge number of people who are using Android devices in their daily life. Most of the mobile phone users are using Android smartphones. Though Android devices provide great user experience with awesome features, they are not absolutely perfect. Sometimes user's face various issues in their Android devices and Android won't update is another common issue among them. This article is for all those users who are facing this problem but don't know why actually they are facing it and they don't know how to solve it. If you are one of them, there is no need to worry! You will learn many solutions for your Android system update issue from here.

Part 1: Why Did Your Android Fail to Install the System?

There are various reasons why Android devices fail to install the system updates. You should know these reasons so that you can avoid them in future. Here are some of the common reasons that you should know -

  • Bad internet connection

  • Device has insufficient storage space

  • Corrupted system cache

  • Influence of bad third party app

  • Unknown software glitch

  • Update being downloaded is incompatible

  • Unknown hardware malfunction

Part 2: How to Fix the Problems of Android Software Update?

Below are the best ways to fix Android won't update issue or any problem related to Android software update. Follow them properly and your problem will be solved.

Way 1. Check Internet Connection

Before updating your android system you have to make sure that the update won't stop in the middle. For that, you have to ensure good internet connection. Make sure your Wi-Fi network is strong and internet speed is good. Also while updating do not turn off the Wi-Fi. Very often we face the Wi-Fi network fall and other problems with Wi-Fi. So updating it via mobile internet is a better option. The chance of interruption is low there. So it is more secure to update your android system using the mobile network.


Way 2. Clear Storage Space

Lack of storage space can cause failure of Android system update and it has happened to a lot of users. So make sure that you have enough storage space before installing the new update on your Android device. You can delete some unnecessary data or uninstall some apps to clear storage space on your device. It's totally easy and all you have to do is clear the storage and try again.


Way 3. Clear System Cache

Corrupted and outdated system cache is another interruption to your android system update. You should always clear your system cache and ensure no system cache available to hamper your system update. Showing the process below -

  • First, you have to turn off the phone. When the phone is off, charge it about 30 minutes before booting to recovery mode. Now press and Hold strongly Volume Up key and the Bixby key. Then you have to press and hold the Power key.

  • Hold it until the android logo appears to the display. When you see the logo on the display release the button. You will see the android system recovery menu option to screen just in 30 to 60 seconds.

  • You have to preview the “wipe cache partition.” Press the volume down key to preview it. And press the power key to select the option.

  • Again press the volume down key to preview "yes" and use the power key to select "yes." As soon as the wipe cache system is completed, “Reboot system now” will be displayed. Finally, press the power key to and restart the device.


Way 4. Turn off Third Party Apps

Sometimes third party apps become the reason of hampering your system update. In that case, you can use safe mode. In the safe mode, the third party apps cannot interrupt your system update. It is easy to open safe mode. Here are the steps -

  • At first switch off your mobile. Press and hold the power key until the model name of your phone is displayed.

  • Release the power key as soon as "SAMSUNG" appears. Immediately press and hold the volume down key after releasing the power key.Hold the key until the device finishes restarting.

  • You will see "Safe Mode" in the bottom left corner of the screen. Release the volume key button.And now check how OTA updates work.


Way 5. Check for Server Issue

This is another problem though it doesn't happen very often. Sometimes too many people update their software at the same time. So the server cannot get that much load. So you may get unexpected time outs or disconnections. Don't worry about it, it will be okay within a few times when the load will release from the server. You should better wait and try your update sometime later. Make sure you have a strong internet connection.

Way 6. Get Help from A Great Program

If you are facing Android system update issue, then the best way to solve it is by using Fixppo for Andorid. This amazing software will help you to fix any kind of Android system issues and Android update related issues easily. It has a great user friendly interface and effective steps that will solve your Android system issue in no time.

Step 1: First you need to download and install the program on your computer.


Step 2: Select your Android device details & download firmware.


Step 3: Connect Android to PC & put it in download mode.


Step 4: Start to repair the Android system and all issues with your Android operating system will get fixed automatically by the program. 


Note: If you want to know more detials, such as how to get your device into download mode, please check the Guide here.


After reading this article, you already know what you need to do for fixing Android won't update issue. You can use any of the solutions for any of these problems according to the guideline from here. The best way to solve all kinds of system update issue is by using Fixppo for Android. This tool will help you solve the toughest system update issues within the shortest time possible. Also you can use it as a novice user! So stop wasting your time on anything else and start using this software.


By  Miller Walton , to Android Issues

Posted on Jun 27, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )

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