6 Fixes for Android Phone Got Frozen and Won’t Turn off

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There are a huge number of Android phone users around the world. Everyone faces different issues on their Android phones every day. Sometimes when you are using an Android device and doing important work, your phone gets stuck and can't do anything, even turn it off. This frozen problem causes a serious headache for you because your phone won't turn off and you don't know how to solve the problem. If you are reading this article, then there is no need to worry anymore, because you are going to get the solution from here.

Solution 1: Try A Professional Android Repair Tool -Fixppo for Android

If your Samsung device got frozen or won't turn on frequently, there might be a software problem on it. Then you might need to go to a distant repair store to fix it. Or you can use a professional android software repair tool to fix your frozen and won't turn off android phone on your own.

So Fixppo for Android -- a simple and effective program will be the best choice for you, it can repair your Android system and make it feel like a brand new phone with faster performance. It can solve almost all kinds of Android system related issues in no time and it can be your ultimate solution for Android system issues. It has advanced and amazing features with easy to use interface that will make you an expert in Android system repairing.


  • Highest success rate -100% works for frozen Android

  • No need to be tech-savvy -fix your problem with only a few clicks

  • Full compatibility -supports thousands of Android phones and tablets

  • Trusted by professional websites -helped solve various complex Android system issues and recommend by famous websites


Step 1: First, to fix the android phone is frozen and won't turn off, you need to download and install Fixppo for Android on a computer.

Step 2: You need to offer some detail information about your Android device to make sure that you can download the appropriate firmware. Then the program will automatically download and extract the firmware for your device.

Step 3: Connect your Android device to PC and then get it into download mode (And you can refer to the Guide to get your device into download mode). If the details are correct, then choose "Start".

Step 4: After the firmware has been downloaded, it will repair the device automatically. You just need to keep the device connecting and wait for your phone get back to normal.


Solution 2: Five Ways to Fix Android Phone Got Frozen and Won’t Turn off

Part 1: Kill the App

Killing an app when it becomes unresponsive is a basic solution when your Android phone won't turn off because it's frozen. This happens because the app is corrupted or your device is providing low performance at that time. Here is how to kill an app to solve your issue -

  • First, you need to open the "Settings"; menu of your phone from the "Settings"; app icon or from the notification panel.

  • Now you need to find the "Applications"; option from all the "Settings"; menu options.

  • From the Apps option, you will find a tab that says "Installed Applications", "Running Applications" etc. You need to choose the "Running Applications"; tab and find the app that is not responding properly.

  • Then you need to choose the app and force close it.

  • Finally, you need to try reopening the app. If it still doesn't work properly then uninstall the app and install it again.


Part 2: Restart Your Phone

Restarting your Android phone can solve the frozen issue immediately and it's another basic solution to fresh start your phone again. It also frees the RAM of your phone and makes it perform faster than before. There are some ways that you can use to restart your phone. The most basic way to do it is by using your phone's power button.

  • Press and hold the power button of your phone and you will see some options on your screen.

  • You need to tap on the restart button to proceed and your phone will be restarted automatically. Some Android devices may also have a slider option to restart them.


If your phone is unresponsive then you need to try pressing some buttons together to restart your phone. Different Android devices have different ways to restart them in this situation. You need to try pressing the power button and volume up or down button together to successfully restart your device.

Part 3: Hard Resetting Your Phone

If restarting or killing the app doesn't help you to solve Android phones won't turn off due to a freezing issue, then hard resetting is another option for you. It's an advanced option that should solve any kind of Android phone related problem, but it will erase all the data from your phone. So you need to backup all your data and make sure that you don't format the local storage or SD card while hard resetting it.

  • First, you need to turn off your device and then start pressing some key combinations together to enter the recovery mode. These combinations differ in different Android phones.

  • For Samsung devices, you need to press the power button, home button and volume up button together.

    For Sony phones, you need to press the power button and then press the Volume Up key for a few times.

    For Google Nexus, you need to press the Power and Volume down keys together.


  • When your phone is in recovery mode, you need to select "Wipe data/Factory reset"; option by using the volume up/down button and power button.

  • recovery-mode-wipe-data-factory-reset

  • Finally, you will find options to wipe all your data and you need to select that option to finalize the hard reset. Wait till the hard resetting process is over and hopefully your frozen problem should be solved.


Part 4: Remove the Battery

Removing the battery is another easy solution for Android frozen issue. If none of the above ways work then you can try removing the battery of your Android phone and see if it solves your problem. All you need to do is remove the back cover of your phone, and then remove the battery from it.
 Wait for 5/10 seconds and then put the battery inside your phone. Close the back cover and turn your phone on again. Check if your problem is solved or not.


Part 5: Restore to Factory Defaults

After trying all these, if you are still not getting the right solution to your problem then you need to restore your phone to factory defaults. This should solve your problem because it removes all your settings, messages, contacts and apps to make your phone fresh as new. Here is how you can do it -

  • First, you need to navigate to the "Settings" menu of your phone.

  • Then you need to scroll down and choose "Backup and Reset" option.

  • Finally, you need to find the "Factory Data Reset" option and tap on it. Your phone will warn you if you want to restore your phone to factory defaults because it will wipe all your data. You just need to confirm it and your phone will restore to its factory settings.



This article is the easiest solution for you to fix an Android phone that won't turn off because of a frozen issue. This frozen problem can influence your daily life seriously,so an immediate solution to get back a perfectly usable Android phone is needed urgently. In order to do that, you need to follow the guideline from here and use any of the ways to fix your Android phone system. You can choose any of these ways but the best and guaranteed solution will be by using Fixppo for Android. This is the only way that will bring you success when there is an Android system issue. So start using this tool to get professional help by yourself.


By  Miller Walton , to Android Issues

Posted on Jun 17, 2019  ( Updated: Dec 07, 2019 )

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